Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The report card"

It was a beautiful afternoon in late June, Veronica should be with her boyfriend but she knew she would be grounded as soon as her father takes one look at her report card. She failed almost every course and it wasn't because she didn't know the material but in fact she had skipped school on numerous occasions with her boyfriend and some other friends. Back in April she began hanging around with a group of delinquents and now her grades suffered. She slowly entered the house and saw her father and kid brother Mike with his friend Robert sitting in the kitchen. Father kissed Mike who was fourteen and praised him for getting such good grades. He looked at Veronica and requested her report card, she gave a nervous smile and placed her books on the ground without producing what father requested. She sat down and father scolded her for not complying. She reached down and opened her book, there was her dreaded report card. Veronica held it up and to add insult to injury she started laughing as to mock her father. Father asked Mike and Robert to excuse themselves and go to the next room then instructed Veronica to get up off the chair, he then sat down and grabbed her by the arm. Veronica was looking at the floor tiles when she realized that she was laying over fathers lap. The last time she was in that position she was twelve and had received a good spanking for smoking.
She was mortified and told father she was too old for a spanking but he began to lecture her about the value of a good education and began to spank her. She forgot how much a spanking hurt and tried to break free but father is way to strong and she could only manage to kick her legs and hold on for dear life. The spanking intensified and she looked over her shoulder only to see that father lifted up her skirt and was spanking her over her panties. She remembered that father always spanked on the bare bottom, he wouldn't dare she thought to herself. She began to cry but did not want to make a scene. She looked up and saw her brother Mike and his friend Robert peeking from behind the door. A cool breeze was now felt on her warm bottom and she once again looked over her shoulder. She noticed bare flesh and knew for a fact that father bared her bottom. Why wouldn't he, he always said that a proper spanking was always on the bare bottom and today's spanking was no different. Her bottom was on fire as father just kept spanking like a mad man. Finally father stopped and pulled her panties back up. She stood up and rubbed her bottom. In a few days she'll be in summer school and this time she'll get straight A's.

P.S.(I only have one camera so you'll notice different angle views, this is done for you to enjoy more then one view. This is also one of my largest photo-sets to date so enjoy! xoxo.)






Colin said...

Hi, I always enjoy seeing you being spanked, your bottom is perfect, I hope that your husband doesn't mind my saying so.
In this latest post there are a couple of b/w photos mixed in, is that a glitch? There is also a rather clear shot of your face in one of them. If you want to preserve your anonymity it might pay to review it.Colin xxx
ps if you have a sister, about 45, single....

Njspank said...

Good morning, wow, talk about a wake up call here in rainy miserable NJ!! Wow, good thing I just purchased new ink for the printer. Some of the most amazing and hot spanking photos, you and Tony have out done yourselves, amazing. Yes the panty spanking pics are incredible, great angles and well just hot. You are beautiful. Finally for now, I also love how the porgression from each camera shows your beautiful bottom turning different shades of red.

Thank you, made a bad day now amazing!

You are the best.


Njspank said...

Oh by the way, nice story lines, very hot and well written.


becky said...

love the school girl look you pull off very well. Hope you had fun.

CindysDave said...

Another great photo set! I'm sooooooo jealous of you two. Cindy and I are 500 miles apart and only get together every 4 to 6 weeks.

We dream of the day we can spank as often as the two of you do.

Hugs and swats,

Anonymous said...

This is by far, my favorite photo-essay you've done so far. Love the schoolgirl theme (those panties are simply PERFECT!)

I appreciate the way you shot it from multiple angles...be difficult not to find one's favorite pose.

Thanks again


OldFashionGirl said...

@Colin: I included the b&w shots to ad some drama. On occasion I'll show my face some if I really like the shot. xoxo

@Ron: and what are you going to do with those printed photos? Naughty, naughty! xoxo

@Becky: thanks, the school girl theme is our favorite. xoxo

@Dave: But I'm sure the wait is well worth it. xoxo

@Max: I'm glad you liked this set, we had fun filming it. xoxo

Njspank said...

Oh well use your imagination my dear. Naughty yes but as long as I don't get caught!! Lol. Wonderful posting and just love the responses.

Thanks XOXO

Anonymous said...

very nice you are lovely as a naughty schoolgirl being spanked Veronica and nice to see your face too,love and spanks ,tim xxx