Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to Heal

The other day my husband spanked me for some well deserved wrong doing and later when I saw the aftermath I noticed I still had some old bruises from the prior weeks spanking. He had used a hairbrush just 5 days prior and some bruising occurred. Since spanking is consensual I approached him and we had a discussion about giving my bum some time to heal between spankings. He fully agreed with me and said he too wants my bottom looking like a fresh canvas so he can paint it red. Now I'll tell you that I don't bruise easy and it takes a lot just to turn my bottom a nice shade of red but on occasion that nasty hairbrush will turn my tender bottom black and blue the next day. I do check out spanking websites and at times notice that the models are already red before the first smack lands and some even bruised. Now I know that in the industry of spanking some of the shoots are back-to-back and go on all day with several scenarios done and no healing time. Not to say that if I do something deserving of a trip over hubby's knee that he won't spank me at a later date, he will but I just like my bottom to be fresh like a crisp autumn morning before a major storm hits it, don't you agree?


Njspank said...


Well initially your post has reinforced perhaps the most important part of spanking your partner, communication. I think it is wonderful you and Tony can talk through these things, it is the key to not only a nice spanking relationship but also a great marriage.

I agree with you and yes you are correct about the scenes but to me a nice clean fresh bottom is the best. Same for when I am spanked, I like to have my bottom nice and ready for the spanking, makes it more fun and sexier.

Now of course if it is to be a punishment spanking, can't guarantee that my bottom is not evidening some bruises!!!

Great post my friend, love the thoughts.

Best wishes

John N said...

I agree! I don't like to leave bruises, although it occassionally happens. Even then, I wouldn't feel right about spanking that same bottom again until it has time to heal.But, thats me.

Aunty Andrea said...

I totally agree with you. It's much more fun to spank a 'fresh' bottom.

OldFashionGirl said...

Communication is always key to not only a good spanking relationship but a good marriage. Thanks..xoxo

Anonymous said...

yes agreed lovey ,tim xx

Funbun said...

Can't agree more! To me spanking is an "Act of Love" and bruised buttocks are not part of that. It can happen that in some overenthousiasm some bruises appear, but a girl should surely not be spanked again (over old bruises).
I LOVE to redden pale white buttocks. To bare the white buttocks is probably the best part of a spanking to me. To see them wiggle in all their pristine beauty...

Your husband is a wise man and a good spanker.

Love, Erik aka Funbun

OldFashionGirl said...

Erik, how are you my old friend? It's great to hear from you. xoxo