Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"The upstairs moan"

I was recently cleaning out the attic when I came across a box labeled "Tony's stuff" and I did what any wife would do, I opened it. What I found inside was some old VHS tapes with no labels on them. I decided to see what it contained and was hoping to find some rare spanking movie but instead what I found was a straight up porno flick! Yup, I found some porn that belongs to my husband hidden inside my attic. It looks as if it was quite old, perhaps twenty years but I still confronted him about it when he came home from work later that evening. He acted like it was no big deal and told me it was from before we met and to throw it away. I was still slightly upset. I don't mind him watching spanking related stuff because I too enjoy it and do not consider it to be porn but hardcore movies like this are a wee bit too much. I guess you can call me old-fashioned (LMAO!) Three days later he had some of the boys over and they where downstairs playing cards and acting like men do at card games (you all know what I mean). I was upstairs in the bedroom watching my programs when I decided to get even. Yes I know it will earn me a spanking but that's alright by me. I placed the video in the VHS recorder and put the television volume on max, then I hit the play button. Any of you that have ever seen a porno flick know how loud it can get with all that fake moaning they do. MOAN! MOAN! and more MOAN!!! After several minutes of loud moaning Tony came upstairs and told me that his friends all know what I'm watching and it's embarrassing. I began to giggle and do my own fake moaning very loud. Tony's face became red, he lowered the volume and grabbed the hairbrush. I was looking forward to a nice hand spanking but once I saw that hairbrush I knew he meant business. Over-the-knee I went and WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!!! My butt was on fire, after he spanked me for several minutes he let me up only to put me back across his lap and use his left arm this time! He spanked me so hard that his right arm got tired. He continued to spank for several more minutes until he felt I learned my lesson. When he let me up for good I jumped on the bed rubbing my now very sore bottom and began to sob. Tony shut the television off and tucked me in for the night. When he left the room I decided to inspect my red bottom. It turned me on so much that I decided to put on some very sexy lingerie and wait for him to be done playing cards. I think we'll make our own porno flick tonight. Hey, I might even moan real loud again only this time it won't be fake. XoXo


Njspank said...

Now that is a great story and a well deserved bare bottom brushing!!

Thanks and love you


Hermione said...

The guys downstairs must have had an earful of the spanking too. Do you think anyone could concentrate on the card game after your husband went back downstairs?


OldFashionGirl said...

@Hermione: Good question? I know my husband won that night, lol! xoxo

@Ron: I don't think I deserved the hairbrush but you know how you tops are! xoxo

Njspank said...

Indeed my love, indeed but let's face it, you were asking for the brush!

Very hot indeed in many ways.



Anonymous said...

Lovely Veronica...these are the sort of shorts that can be pulled down - together with panties Gulp ! - with one firm tug by a cross mummy or daddy. I always felt vulnerable as a naughty little brat wearing shorts, because I always got the cane on my botty bare-skin, with protective clothes always pulled down to my knees. That was simply the rule for my sister and me growing up. No qualms or nonsense back then ! Extremely strict. Oooh the Oucheeeees memories. Brenda x