Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Her father said he would spank her.....

but I never would of believed it until I saw it happen with my own two eyes. The year was 1949 and I was told that my old Army buddy was looking for a gardener. I came over to visit my old friend and while we were chatting about my credentials his daughter entered the house.
She was much older then I had remembered and quite attractive with an arrogant way about her. She had just come home from school and was very, very late. Her father began to scold her and told her go into her bedroom and that he'll be there in a moment to spank her. He told me to wait and then excused himself. I was left standing by myself and thought I should leave but curiosity made me stay. I began to hear a smacking sound and crying coming from the bedroom that was only twenty five feet away. I slowly walked towards the room and noticed the door was wide open. I peeked inside and saw his grown daughter laying over his knee getting spanked like a child. I moved away so they would not see me. I had decided to leave and was almost out the front door when I heard the girl scream "NOT MY BARE BOTTOM!"
I rushed back toward the bedroom and saw that indeed she was getting her bare bum tanned. The spanking was over and I rushed back to the room I was originally in. My friend emerged with sweat dripping from his face and very worn out. He apologised and offered me the job as his new gardener. I took him up on his offer.


Njspank said...

And did he warm up her panty!


Anonymous said...

Did you forget something?

OldFashionGirl said...

@Anonymous: a blogger glitch that I was able to fix. xoxo

@Ron: next time I promise. xoxo

John n said...

Loved the scenerio. Very cute and sexy. Thanks.

Njspank said...

Awesome, I love the story line totally, this is another amazing spanking scene from you two wonderful people.

Thanks for sharing, love it.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

!939, 1949, 1969... Wonderful story-telling as always Veronica, thank you. A realistic image here !
Yes, my mother gotten her bare bottom whipped with a rattan switch-cane by grandma in 1939 and then (as night follows day !) I gotten my chubby, bare botty whipped by mommy with the dreaded, flexible rattan switch as a lil' girl in 1969...not much had changed already since 1949 Veronica !!

And strict Grandma was often there too, to witness and encourage my bare, rear-end tannings from mother - the idea of "not sparing the rod" was a foundation of our family. Grandma wanted my mommy to be ever-so strict with my sister and me. Grandma and my mom always talked about their spankings and what would happen to lil' sister and me if we gotten naughty ! Scary but exciting Veronica. It was firm, tough love of the traditional kind. And common parlance in Georgia in the 1960s !

My father obviously supported this stern discipline as did our elderly, religious neighbours (from our Church) who despite being kind and lovely, supported the bare botty whuppin's of we naughty lil' girls next door (with mom's thin, rattan switchy-stick) as proper Christian spankings ! Oh my Veronica !

Sister and I visited the lovely neighbours every week for juice and cookies and chats, and our spankings often came up in conversation. And in the summer months Veronica, with windows and doors open; they could hear the smack of rattan on soft, bare skin and our loud painful screams as we lil' princesses gotten our naughty bottoms punished !

I must stress that the unbearable stinging red backside of those 1960s guidance ("hornets nest") was harmless Veronica. Just good, Ol' fashioned domestic discipline ! Which as a strict, loving, traditional mommy, I support Veronica. I have always been very open talking about my strict upbringing and my values. And my hubby's hard hand of recent times ha-ha!

So yes, Oh my ! 1939, 1949, 1969 already !
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx