Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is that a firecracker I hear?

No that's the sound of some flat object striking my tender bare bottom. With that said I want to wish you all a happy 4th and above all please be safe. XoXo


Njspank said...

Hope you both had a nice "hot" 4th of July, sure looks like a nice red start, love it!

Be well


Anonymous said...

Veronica yes hope youhad a nice day on 4th ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica...sounds of summer :-) I love your thinking here - the imagery and narrative. Love your firecracker analogy !

That distinctive smack thwack of rattan on tender bare skin and the recalcitrant cries of two naughty daughters getting their bare botties tanned, was something our neighbours were familiar with back in the day.

But amazingly and as you know Veronica it was met with approval because spanking was integral to family values and even community faith. It was just part of growing up for my sister and me.

Firecrackers indeed...and cute with hindsight

Brenda x