Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"The killer slipper"

I would say that I'm moderately spanked, enough to turn red but never breaking skin and rarely bruising. With that said on occasion I receive such a severe spanking that my bottom will bruise for several days after and this was one of those days. Tony used a rubber sole slipper he purchased at the mall and let me tell you that it is the worst slipper I have ever felt! It stung almost as bad as his hairbrush, OUCH! This particular evening I was teasing Tony about being the quintessential Italian male with the wife-beater tee covered with sauce stains. I guess my teasing got out of hand because later that night around bedtime he sat on his chair by the bed and instructed me to come. I saw the slipper in his hand and I automatically knew that I was going to get spanked. Once over his knee he told me that he'll show me a "wife-beater" and began spanking me. He spanked me real hard and fast and it was then that I realized how much it hurt. I actually like getting a good slippering but this thing was so wicked! Once my bottom was bared I began to bawl and scream until Tony stopped. Even he was surprised at how red my bottom had gotten in the short time he spanked me. I looked in the mirror the next morning and knew I would bruise. It took a week for the bruises to go away and Tony told me he'd use that particular slipper only when I do something real bad and will be more cautious in using it. He now keeps it right next to his trusty hairbrush and leather strap in the (she's been real naughty) wooden chest. xoxo


Njspank said...


Great post and story line, ah the very deceiving slipper and a sore sore bottom, very hot my love.

Thanks for sharing


CindysDave said...

Another great photo set! Any chance we'll ever get a totally nude one? Or maybe another with the belt? Sorry, the belt is just my favorite implement.

And when do we get the one from Tony putting his needs before your own??? (smiles)

I continue to love you blog, and the relationship you two share. You're so fortunate to have found each other.

Hugs and swats,

Anonymous said...

Veronica yes you were slippered soundly lovey but you were cheeky to your hubby ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Aunty Andrea said...

Rubber tends to have that effect, it's not at all pleasant, but you earned it.

baby girl said...

Ouch -- does that look painful.

Guess you won't be teasing anytime soon...or will you?