Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bottoms on display...

for all to see what a naughty girl I am.


Aunty Andrea said...

And why was that pretty bottom reddened this time, dear?

Anonymous said...

Hey... nice deck!


Bottom's pretty dang cute too.

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Aunty: It's from a very recent outdoor spanking I got. xoxo

@ Anonymous: Thank you my hubby built the deck with a friend and I built my bottom from aerobics. xoxo

Anonymous said...

love it

Anonymous said...

cute bottyfor spanks ,Veronica ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Njspank said...

You are just so adorable and what a lovely bottom, hope you were well spanked.

Aunty, I don't think our friend needs much of a reason to get spanked.

Thanks xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bottom Veronica ! :-)

This picture paints a thousand narratives, for role play and ideas. ..to discuss with my hubby. I love the outdoor themes...well it is Texas !

I was always in shorts and t shirts as an outdoors-type little girl; and summer spankings were more memorable. When papa was at work, mummy was in charge of discipline. She was anyway !

This could be me in cutey sneakers and shorts awaiting a tanned backside. Sometimes I recall shorts and panties being tugged down to knees in one movement. Scary ! I had to put my hands on my head for baring. And after too , when mum pulled my panties and shorts back up again (over smarting red skin) to signify that the spanking was over. She was very formal like that !

So here I am waiting for the cane. In truth, it was always indoors but it was hardly private. Open doors and windows gave the neighbours a front row audio experience.

My mum never got embarrassed. But i hated the fact that they could hear the rattan cane smacking the bare skin on my poor botty - a very noticeable sound !! CRINGE, CRINGE And of course my loud yelling.

So worrying about neighbours was as bad as the sting for a little missy ! Cute in retrospect I guess. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Southern childhood - A Naughty daughter, a bare botty and the hickory stick !!!

This is one of my favorites of you Veronica. Your lovely bum of course. But a reminder to me of corporal punishment growing up in the South in the 1960s ! :-(

Veronica, the harsh smack of a hickory switch upon the sensitive, bare skin of a soft botty was the greatest of all fears for naughty lil' daughters in our Church group in Atlanta ! A bare-hiney whipping with the switch was a common and "ultimate" punishment from parents to naughty daughters.

Your photo here is the story of my childhood throughout the 1960s (and my sister's too) bending over the sofa (inside house, not outside) with my shorts and panties around my knees waiting for the cane on my bare bottom from mother. Gulp !! My mom did not use a hickory switch as such, but she bought a similar, thin, flexible, rattan switch which lived permanently in the downstairs cupboard. Gulp ! No need to cut a fresh switch Veronica !! :-(

The switch was also called the cane, the "rod of correction" (my mother had strict Christian faith) and my sister and I gotten to call it "the hornets nest" for its ferocious (but harmless !!) sting on a bare ass !!

Mom was the staunchest supporter of corporal punishment -common in most houses in the 1960s where e lived- and when I gotten to age 8 (my poor sister gotten it even younger. Oh my !) the rattan switch replaced the hairbrush/wooden spoon.

And when mom was real mad and fetched this new, dreaded, botty-smacker, then at least one or two pairs of white cotton panties would have to come down for the whipping of one or both of her young, tender daughters to take place in the living room.....windows open, so the neighbors could hear how mother punished misbehavior ! Being similarly strict and Christian, they approved....spare the rod, spoil the child. We screamed as our bare botties burned !! But it was kind, loving harmless CP and I approved of mom's methods (when I gotten older obviously )

This bare botty punishment photo of you Veronica reminds me so much of CP in my childhood in 1960s Georgia. I'm now a strict, loving mom in my late 50s Veronica
Thank you
Naughty Lil' brenda xx