Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creating the perfect target...

is not always easy. I have to go to the gym at least 3 times a week to keep my gluteus maximus nice and firm. Lotion every day to keep it nice and smooth and I run twice a week to keep my legs in some sort of shape. It must pay off because hubby loves spanking it, my butt that is. xoxo


Njspank said...

Lovely target and bottom my dear, and we love watching that beautiful bottom get spanked and spanked. Oh nice panty as well.

Thanks xoxoxo

dennisyim said...

nice bottom

dennisyim said...

nice bottom

CindysDave said...

Well it sure seems to be working! Your behind is most definitely spankable!

Anonymous said...

TLC for fairest, sensitive princess botties Veronica: daddy-approved and well-proven. Cream after a good, hard spanking on the bare. Stern but harmless !

High maintenance bums of high maintenance naughty princesses, Veronica !

Oh my, look at your lovely soft botty missy. I would take my switchy-stick to that sensitive-skinned, bare hiney young lady, if you are naughty in my house ! I am very strict and Ol' fashioned !

Yes, Veronica. Oh my, it is hard work ! But rewarding eh ? I also go down the gym constantly. Good for other parts of your body already ha-ha....heart and brain for sure.
I am in my late 50s. And I have also worked so hard on my tan lines, perfecting a (..large, oh my) snow white botty, and a deep, golden brown sun tan elsewhere on my legs and torso. Very retro Veronica. Very 1960s Georgia !

Oh my, I sure gotten back to my Coppertone Girl "alabaster white" backside of yore Veronica. I do need a special retro-1950s, large-sized (!), two-piece swimsuit Veronica (like I wore as a lil' girl) keep the sun of my backside. Just like when I was a naughty lil' princess in the 1960s ha-ha :-)
I must not spoil my stark tans lines already. High maintenance for sure.

Yes it is hard work perfecting the "seat of learning". One of my mom's best quotes was that "God and Nature" had provided our sensitive backsides Veronica, for mommy-approved punishment when were naughty (with panties pulled down unfortunately !) How cute and scary. That philosophy has stayed with me already. The "hornets nest" on bare skin (a hairbrush initially and then a flexible, rattan switch on unprotected botties in the 1960s) is the strict, loving treatment I have always deserved Veronica.

Sun tan lines, large 1950s cotton underpanties, chubby white botties (and very red ones, Oh my !), strict no-nonsense moms- with strong faith and traditional family values, and...switches/canes, paddles, straps and hairbrushes at the double ! And a distinct lack of PC ruled in the 1960s in Georgia. It was not just fact. It was culture Veronica. And for me and my girlfriends, it was integral to being raised.

It was very different for my hubby who was not strictly raised and is from the North West.
He loves my tan lines, loves my big, chubby botty and has adopted my strict, Southern disciplinary approach to mommy-approved home-making !!
It's our Culture Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx