Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The funnies...


Aunty Andrea said...

What a wonderful comic strip! I hope we see more of this.

Anonymous said...

Veronica very nice ,clever girl,love and spanks tim xxx

Njspank said...

So well done, love the funnies posting, very hot and sexy. Wow amazing. Nice spanking too

Be well

Anonymous said...

"I'll tan your hide, young lady"...remember that Veronica
I love this comic Veronica. Why did I not gotten this comic in the 1960s...I sure gotten the bare bottom spankings !

Even in the 1990s when I was in my thirties (PC gotten ascending) I remember thinking how cute and Ol' fashioned my upbringing was, with my strict parents, especially my strict, religious mother whose guiding mantra was "spare the rod spoil the child"

This Funnies montage portrays that domestic scene Veronica. Buy oh my, back in the 1960s, in Georgia such strict life and spankings seemed normal...because they just were !!
I do not understand time-outs, groundings, or naughty steps Veronica. And they were not invented when I was growing up. We only had one punishment - a good smacked bottom !

A smacked bottom was very effective and regularly used. And most of my girl friends suffered the same in the 1960s. Although my mom's version was particularly harsh...but also fair. It served my mother well, when our father was away and we naughty daughters played up badly !

My mother was raised with a flexible, rattan cane (switch) across her bare behind from Grandma in the 1930s. So naturally, my sister and I were raised the same by mommy, thirty years later. And mom suggested other moms punish their daughters similarly. Oh my ! It was the "rod of correction", according to mom's strong faith !!

Having our large, Ol' fashioned and conservative, cotton, white panties (remember those Veronica) taken down at the earliest age seemed logical and normal to me as a naughty lil' girl. A good safe switching on a bare botty was more effective than over clothes !!! Job done Veronica, oh my ! I will never forget those :-(

Oh my ! The "hornets nest" was harsh for sure. We protested. But bare botties for a whuppin' was the sentence and punishment from mother . No choice ! And the scary, humbling panties down baring process showed that we were being punished as naughty daughters...combined with the ferocious sting already. It was all harmless Veronica and did me good over the years. Things are different today. Love this retro-montage
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx