Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcoming the new neighbors

The vacant house across the street has just been purchased by the Schultz's. They are an older couple in their late sixties and though I met them briefly they seem like very nice people. They have two sons living with them but I have not met them yet. One boy is twenty and goes to a local college and the other is twenty five, he works downtown and pays his parents room and board. Of course being the freaks that we are, my husband and I not the Schultz's, hubby decided to spank me in front of our huge window. Yes, you can look inside and while they were moving he was spanking away. Did they see? Don't know but we are going to have some fun in the near future by that window. I hope the Schultz boys are cute. xoxo


BDSM Photos said...

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becky said...

Naught shows off yall both need a spanking

Aunty Andrea said...

Love to move in next door to you two.

Njspank said...

My dear. What a lovely scene for the neighbors. That dress and shoes are amazing, followed by a lovely panty spanking, very hot and of course your beautiful bare bottom being reddend!! Love it.

I wanted that dam house but lucky people they are!!

Enjoy, we are!!


dennisyim said...

you alway show your bottom ,and don't show your face.

OldFashionGirl said...

@ BDSM: Already done. xoxo

@Becky: Yes we do, lol. xoxo

@Aunty: I'll let you know if another house goes up for sale. xoxo

@Ron: Thanks Ron. xoxo

@Dennisyim: That's what makes it all the more fun. xoxo