Friday, August 19, 2011

A playful me!

Some candid shots of me being goofy. xoxo


Stan/E. said...

I love the third one. Really a nice and beautiful woman. With such an ass...

Kisses from France

Njspank said...

You are just so dam hot!!

Love it beautiful.

Be well

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous last photo Veronica...naughty little brat has lost the argument and mummy is smacking the little cane against her bare palms....and then against her daughter's bare botty!
That was normal in our house growing up ! Just a fact of life. My younger girl friends (and from UK) struggle to understand our strict Southern domestic ways.....they haven't met my mother hahaha.....and they did not see paddles in the store with the words " little deer with the bear behind" either. !!! GULP!
My mummy used to say that my bare backside was required by her as the spanker and maternal disciplinarian. It was safer and easier to apply the little rattan cane to bare skin rather than over clothes. Far more effective Ouchy....why make things more difficult. Plus the humbling of a little precocious princess.
And the extra sting was a good punishment for little ol' me, and good safe guidance for my cross mother. Bare botties made sense...and was ever thus for me as a little girl being spanked. And for my younger sister too of course. Hugs. Brenda xx