Monday, August 22, 2011

Some vintage stuff to start the week off.

A student is called to the front of the class and spanked!

A husband teaches his wife a good lesson.

A father spanks his spoiled brat.

Chubby cheeks are soundly spanked.


Njspank said...

panty spanking, love it and love the photos.

Be well

Anonymous said...

Lovely Veronica, thank you.
I am old enough to remember those vintage years. The good ol' days !
I am in my late 50s and was raised in Georgia during the early 1960s when the world was in black and white. Television was in black and white. Newspapers and media were black and white.

For sister and me the velvety skin on our fairest-soft botties was whiter-than-white ! Alabaster-white already. We had perfect tan lines as outdoor lil' girls in the sunny Southern State. When we were naughty our botties gotten very red ! From sound spankings from dad and mainly from mom !

Corporal punishment was the foundation of our household, faith, family values and neighborhood. We went to Church and wore conservative 1950s clothes - cute shorts and pretty yellow dresses and pastel blue dresses. White ankle socks. And those iconic 1950s large snuggy whiter-than-white, panties as white as the local soft-cotton fields of the South. We were well-behaved daughters. "Or else young lady ?!!!! I'm gonna tan ya hide"

When we gotten our botties spanked (in private, never public) our dresses came up and our underwear came down (to our knees). Always. That was the procedure. The wooden spoon and wooden hairbrush would smack the sensitive, bare skin on our chubby, lil' behinds across mom's knee. She was stern.
When I gotten to age 8, the flexible rattan switch was introduced by mother - "rod of correction" - and, oh my, it would dance across my bare botty over the years. Turning it from lily-white to tomato red ! "Spare the rod spoil the child".

I screamed as I was being skinned alive. No I was not being tortured. A switching ("hornets nest" we called it) was harmless. It was strict, appropriate, loving maternal discipline. I made a big, loud, bratty-princess-fuss because the skin on my soft botty was so sensitive. Which is why panties must always come down for punishment! Protective clothing is not needed for a smacked bottom !!

God and Nature made our bums sensitive, soft and padded Veronica (we girls believed that) for mommy-approved, domestic spankings !! So right too Veronica. I approve ! And the cane gotten to sting real bad. That was the idea Veronica Like mother like daughter for sure !
Oh my ! So love the vintage. Long time ago for sure. But unforgettable.
Vintage Naughty Brenda xx