Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"First day of school"

Just a few moments after I had arrived home from school the phone rang and mother picked up. I can see by the expression of her face that the news was not good. It was the principal from St. Reynolds to report that my sister Veronica was caught making out with a boy during class and to make matters worst the boy had his hands up her skirt. It was the very first day of school and already my sister was in big trouble. When Veronica came home mom scolded her and ordered her to go to her bedroom and wait for father to get home. Veronica complied and went upstairs to her room without much of a fuss. About one hour had past when dad came home from work. Mom then told him what had happened and asked how he intends to deal with it. He replied "WITH A DARN GOOD SPANKING!!!" When I heard the word spanking my heart began to beat fast, sweat came down and I tingled all over. My sister who is several years my senior was going to get a spanking. It has been quite some time since father spanked her and even though I never witnessed my dad spanking my sister when she was younger I do know what it entails. Since I'm younger then my sister I still get spanked with the most recent event occurring just last week. Father enters my bedroom and closes the door behind him, places me across his lap and gives me a lengthy lecture as to what I did wrong. He then whacks me good on the seat of my trousers then pulls down my pyjama bottoms and then my underwear. My spankings always end up on my bare bottom. Would he do the same to my older sister??? I just had to find out! I ran towards her bedroom but knew that there is no way of watching her punishment because it will be behind closed doors. I grew bold and quietly snuck inside her room and hid in the closet which was opened. I closed the closet door just enough to not be seen and still have an unobstructed view. I can see Veronica laying in bed still in her school uniform doing her homework and totally unaware of the punishment yet to come. Shortly thereafter father entered her room and closed the door behind him just as I expected. He grabbed Veronica by the arm, sat down on a chair by the window and forcefully placed my sister across his lap. She pleaded as he lectured her but her pleads fell on deaf ears. He began to spank, first over her skirt and then on her panties and finally on her bare butt. From inside the closet I could see her squirm, kick and cry. After the spanking father stood up and told my sister that next time her spanking will be much worst. He left the room and Veronica lied back down on the bed to sob with her bare butt on display. I waited inside the closet for about an hour lost in my thoughts when mother called us down for supper. When Veronica left I exited from her closet and went downstairs to join them. I can see that Veronica had a tough time sitting and was still very upset. Mom then asked me how my first day of school went and all I can do was smile.


Njspank said...

What a wonderful story and post and wow, nice hot spanking, with a long session over the panty, love it. Thanks so much.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Veronica gonna get a switching !
Oh my, just look at your lovely botty in that last shot Veronica. So lush and delicious.I love it. My hubby loves it.
Veronica, I am a strict disciplinarian in my 50s, and am gonna fetch my switchy-stick and take it to your bare backside a good'un young lady ! Just as my mom did to me in days of yore.

I remember telling my hubby almost thirty yeas ago about how my sister an I did the "switchy dance" gowing up in Georgia in the 1960s. When we were naughty, our botties gotten bared for a good tanning with mom's rattan cane aka the switch. Other moms in our Church group made their daughters (my peers) "go fetch a willow switch" already, and they would then apply it to their naughty, lil' bare bums. Oucheeees. It was a Southern, home-making, mommy-approved tradition Veronica, as you know !

Our mom's switchy-stick lived permanently in the cupboard - thin, ultra-flexible and designed to sting on bare princess botties ! Not sting through clothes. Not in our house. This was the strict 1960s ! It was so scary Veronica. Quite right too ! No harm was done. No bruising. Just strict, loving, maternal punishment "the hornets nest", on that well-padded, sensitive- skinned special place provided for punishment (!!), according to mom's Church-faith and values. It was like a good, ol' hickr'y stick, but we didn't have to cut one, it lived permanently in the cupboard for two naughty daughters.

Strict discipline did me good Veronica. I did not know it at the time as a bratty ten year old. An unbearable stingy botty (no kidding !) is harmless and stops you getting into trouble when you are older. The switchy-stick sure does work with panties down. You need to fear it and feel it. Yes, of course I wildly cried and protested as mom pulled down my 1950s large, snuggy, cotton, white panties to my knees ( we Christian-raised girls wore conservative, traditional 1950s clothes) But our panties never once stayed up. Oh my !..."spare the rod, soil the child" Veronica.

When we gotten married my hubby was stunned when my mother (then in her 50s) gave him the rattan switch that she had used on my sister and my bare botties over the years !! Oh my, she asked him to give me spankings, and keep the switch in the cupboard for future use. Oh my, how embarrassing ! Except that it was not embarrassing Veronica. My mom's complete lack of PC and Ol' fashioned values are most refreshing already ! She's now in her 80s, and hasn't stopped talking about strict, ol' fashioned values that we experienced in the 1960s !

My sister and I have always thanked mom for soundly tanning our bare bottoms when we deserved it, and my hubby has thanked her to. Our hubbies were welcomed into our Southern ways Veronica ha-ha. Stay there already Veronica, I am gonna give your bare backside the good switching it deserves. Mommy's swift, traditional, home-making justice !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx