Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girl Power!

Here's another girl on girl spanking from the roaring 80's.


RobertOTK said...

A very nice clip, for sure. But when are you going to treat us to a video of your beautiful bottom being punished Veronica? Your pictures are tantalizing, seeing you squirm over your husband's knee would be absolutely exqusite!

Njspank said...

Thank you for this classis otk hand spankings, the two ladies are hot and I love the lap's dresses, very sexy.

Also my dear, thank you for the nice panty spanking vid to start. Love it and love the noticable difference in the sound of the spanks over the panty and on the bare.

Classic post.


Aunty Andrea said...

Two things were roaring; the girl being spanked and the fire on her bottom. I do agree with the spanker that she had a beautiful red bottom.

Njspank said...

Well said Aunty!!


Anonymous said...

very nice Veronica ,big spanks for her nice of you to share it with us lovey ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Anonymous said...

Robert: I was just going to ask, are we ever going to see Veronica getting an F/F spanking of her own ;) ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the lengthy panty spanking first - a rare treat!

Anonymous said...

Yes, love the clip and the sound difference of spanking over panties and bare botty ! ....although I never spanked over panties. No way Veronica ! God gave us soft, sensitive skin on our botties for a disciplinary purpose Veronica !!

In the roaring 80s I gotten blessed with motherhood and two wonderful daughters. I was a strict mother and exactly as I gotten raised, spanking was the only punishment for my daughters - no time outs or PC nonsense Veronica. There was no real PC in Georgia.

I always punished them over my knee, on the bare skin of their bottoms, with a rubber spatula or wooden hairbrush (early tears) and then a rattan switch (from age 8) I believed pulling panties down was a most important part of punishment, along with the harmless but intense skin on their sensitive bare seats. The "hornets nest" on exposed skin is the idea. !!
Naturally, panties came down at the start, so every smack counted on the bare. Don't spare the rod. Exactly as my mother punished me Veronica.

My daughters and me gotten to talk about their childhood CP alot over the years. All is swell and fine in retrospect. It's just part of loving family life already.
Strict Mom Brenda xx