Monday, September 19, 2011

The great outdoors

There is something about getting a spanking outside that really turns me on. Perhaps getting caught by a nosy neighbor or spied on by a horny college boy that brings out the exhibitionist in me. Getting spanked in front of those you know for a fact are also into spanking is fine but getting a spanking in front of someone you don't know is even better or they think you don't know. It's the guy watching who enjoys spanking but keeps it to himself like a dirty secret that gets me going!!!
The one in the corner trying to look the other way while sweating and blushing at the same time. My birthday spanking had one of them and also my backyard barbecue spanking had another.
My husbands Navy buddy is one of those guys and so is my Uncle Joe. Even after the spanking they'll sit there too embarrassed to get up because you might see how excited they really are. Lol!
The embarrassment of getting spanked at these small events and the knowledge that there are those who do in fact get turned on by a woman being draped across a mans knee is all the motivation I need.


Njspank said...

That is just so hot, again as I have said many times, would love to be your neighbor!!!

Be well


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear this Veronica. I adore your real-life accounts
Surprisingly, I didn't get spanked outside as a Lil' girl, despite that being a common sight in Georgia...and despite my mama constantly discussing discipline with the other moms. Cringe cringe!
Our neighbours in the 1960s witnessed numerous whuppin's for me and my sister. They didn't actually see it, but would be standing a few metres away, over the fence and could hear every detail with doors wide open. The elderly neighbours were part of the family and our discipline was openly discussed by our mother (embarrassing!) so typically Southern. So typically strict 1960s !
My sister and I would be hauled inside from the paddling pool and garden by mommy. Neighbours heard our protests as our bathing suits were pulled down to our knees, baring our white bottoms. Then the familiar, unmistakeable smack of the lil', whippy rattan switch across sensitive skinned exposed botties. Our loud raucous, princess wailing and crying. Mommy's cross, scolding. Our bathing suits being pulled back up over stinging, red behinds. And we punished daughters being sent to our rooms.
We would be out playing again, hours later ! And discussing it with the neighbours! They approved of our bare botty switchin's, Veronica ! Sounds strange to write that now, but super strict, loving discipline and discussions of smacked bottoms were just part of every day life in Georgia back then. Strict upbringings for sure Veronica.
Brenda xx