Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Over One Million...Thanks!

Not a large number compared to other blogs but I'm happy with it. Less then three years ago I started this blog to share with you (the spanking community) my everyday spankings and as you all know I'm spanked quite often! I want to say thank you to my fellow bloggers who have me on their blog list and a special thanks to Chross ( http://chross.blogt.ch/) for adding my link in his "Spankings of the week" and to Brushstrokes (http://thespankingspot.com/) for also adding my link in his "Spanking Bloggery" without those two powerhouse blogs linking me many wouldn't know I exist. XOXO! The best for last, my readers. Love you all! XOXO. Here are some new photo-sets I'm working on in the near future and many more to follow.



Congratulations on getting to the big one and thanks for the blog. It's always a treat to visit here.


crankyspanker said...

Congratulations are definitely in order. I believe I will take about 8 years to get there.


Njspank said...

Amazing, congratulations but more important, thank you for a wonderful blog. Two terrific people.