Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"You'll stay that way for all to see!"

"Yes sir."


Aunty Andrea said...

Ah a lovely sight, freshly spanked bottom with pajamas around the knees.

Anonymous said...

Veronica ,this pic is nice yes lots of young girls have been in this position after being spanked cooling off their blushing pink botties ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Njspank said...

Thank you Tony, appreciate the lovely view.


Anonymous said...

Hi , I run the girls pyjama spanking blogg. I love these two pics , are there anymore , maybe some with those cute jamas still around your delectable bottom? If so could you please please put then on your blog.

May be you might let me put them on my blog.

fabulaous wonderfuul jannies missy.

regards Paul

OldFashionGirl said...

Sure Paul, send me the link to your blog.

koivuniemen herra said...

Lovely pics.