Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did she go too far?

Not only did she give this patient a genital exam but then she took him over her lap for a rectal temp! When the patient complained to the doctor, the doctor became so angry that he spanked his nurse. Was the spanking warranted and did she go too far? Stay tuned for this delightful story in the near future. xoxo


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ScottS said...

Totally,TOTALLY HOT Veronica. Can't wait to see more. That temp taking pic was perfect and so are you!!!

Aunty Andrea said...

There's another effective way to take a temperature?

Anonymous said...

I hope to see your temp taking too.

Njspank said...

Amazing my dear, you are a beautiful lap.


Anonymous said...

very nice ,love and spanks from tim xxx

Enzo said...

Can't wait for the Nurse get a taste of her own medicine ;) White sheer panties pulled down, spanking and of course....

As always Love your blog - Thanks for sharing.