Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Father's no smoking policy"

When Veronica was ten years old her grandfather died at the age of sixty three due to lung cancer, he was a heavy smoker. She remembers the funeral and how devastated her father was at the passing of her grandfather. She remembers after the funeral how her father sat her down and gave her a lengthy lecture on the perils of smoking and he ended the lecture by threatening to blister her backside if he ever catches her smoking. At the age of ten her father meant everything to her and she did not want to displease him but some years later her father took the back burner to her friends and peer pressure got the best of her. Veronica began hanging out with a rough crowd and picked up the smoking habit to fit in. At first she was very cautious not to get caught but as time went on she became more addicted to nicotine and began smoking in public. It was a Friday afternoon in late September and after a long week at St. Bernard's Academy Veronica was looking forward to the weekend, as she walked home from school she lit a cigarette and began smoking. It was when she crossed the intersection that her father saw her smoking while waiting for the light to turn green. He rushed to get home before Veronica and waited patiently on the back porch. As Veronica turned the corner to enter the house from the rear she can see her father sitting outside waiting for her, she thought nothing of it. Before she was able to enter the house her father told her to take a seat for he needed to speak to her. He asked her calmly if she smoked but she denied it. When he told her that he saw her smoking with his own two eyes she only looked down and did not say a word. He reminded her about their lecture several years earlier and she remembered every word. She also remembered how he threatened to blister her backside but knew that she was now to old for a spanking. He'll most likely ground her she thought, but she was dead wrong! Within moments she was lying face down across his lap, a position she has not been in for quite some time. Not only was her father going to spank her but she was going to get her spanking right there on the back porch. His hand landed hard over her skirted bottom and she could feel her backside burn. Soon after her skirt was raised and the smacks hurt even more but that was nothing, for when her panties came down the real blistering began. She screamed loud forgetting that she was outside, perhaps not caring who would hear because she just wanted it to be over and done with. Once reduced to tears she pleaded with her father and promised never to smoke again. It wasn't until her bottom turned a deep shade of pink that Veronica's father knew his work was done and stopped the spanking. Veronica had learned her lesson and never ever smoked again because if she did she knew what would happen.


luciferia7 said...

Should have other people looking, public spanking is more exciting.

OldFashionGirl said...

I agree, it is. xoxo

Njspank said...


Wow what a great post and lovely bottom spanked soundly. And thank you thank you for the extended pics of that lovely bottom being spanked in those beautiful white panties.

Be well


Anonymous said...

your Daddy was right to give his little girl a sound spanking for smoking .

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty skirt and outfit Veronica. Deliciously girly and feminine :-)

I never smoked...but I relish these sort of role plays with hubby. A fantasy of pop catching me smoking !

The little thin whippy rattan cane that mommy kept in the cupboard when I was a little girl was not designed to penetrate that comfy lush pinky, checked fabric of your skirt Veronica. I would not fear or feel that spanking...not proper punishment.

So mummy lifted my skirt. Yes it would have still stung through my cotton panties. But mummy was on auto -pilot and always pulled my panties down. Why wouldn't she? Why smack the cane over cotton panties when you can smack it across sensitive bare skin. It stings more , it's safe and harmless and is humbling for naughty little me. Panties down was normal and routine in our house (and others too)...and was correct in practice and in principle Veronica.

There was no reason not to pull down panties, and lots of reasons to do it. My mama and papa were very strict on spanking and were not swayed by modern sensitivities...not that there were many of those in 1973!....Oh my, good old Southern whuppin' Veronica. Hugs. Brenda x