Thursday, October 13, 2011

Glowing results.....

from a good old-fashioned spanking. OUCH!


Aunty Andrea said...

It is lovely to have the inner and outer glow.

Njspank said...


You my dear are beautiful and your bottom was just made for spanking!!


Anonymous said...

Being bare-bottomed and smacked over the sofa forms a big part of my story Veronica :-) from first memories to the last...

Hubby progresses my learning with the Southern strap Veronica - and this attitude adjuster was also prevalent in some of my girly friends' homes in those stern, Ol' fashioned 1960s.

As a lil girl I didn't get the strap at home. Instead I received whuppin's with a little rattan switch that mommy purchased early on. And I was usually bending over the sofa in the lounge too...with my botty similarly protected like yours Veronica. Oucheeeees! Boo-Hoo :-(

Smacking bottoms was an important household duty for mommies back then, and this ol' fashioned subject was constantly discussed by moms in the shopping malls or coffee mornings ! It's been funny sharing this over the years, but I have vivid memories of my mom's conversations Veronica.

For sister and me, our mommy always pulled our panties down and whipped our lil' bare botties when we were naughty. It was absolutely safe and harmless, despite the ferocious sting, and there was no point in switchin' through cotton panties !! It was supposed to sting. And mom was far too practical and strict and had no time for wishy washy discipline. So like she did in the 1930s and 40s, we naughty lil' madams needed to feel and fear the switch. Only a bare botty guaranteed this Veronica. Oh my, no kidding !!
Brenda xx