Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nice art!

Here are some drawings from around the web that I like. I'll share more soon. XoXo


Njspank said...

Sometimes art is just so hot. I love the third one. Thanks and be well.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the same thing, that third one (the one marked "Wolfheart") is fantastic...hadn't seen it before! THank you for sharing it

Ms Ash

Anonymous said...

Yes, Oh my, lovely strict mommy and naughty daughter (cartoon 3, Wolfheart)
Veronica, before my mom introduced the dreaded rattan switch (when I was a tender bottomed princess of eight !) my sister and I were punished over the knee with the wooden spoon and usually the hairbrush.

A smacked bottom entailed either implement being applied to bare skin while we naughty daughters screamed and blubbed in lock-down over mom's knee. In the early years, she would place a chair in the middle of the room and we had to put our hands on our head while a pair of cotton shorts was carefully unbuttoned and pulled to our knees, followed by a pair of 1950s white cotton panties. Mommy would then lift us securely across her knee and hold our arms out of the way for a sound whuppin' on a chubby bare, soft, lily-white backside !!

After, we had to put our hands back on our heads (we were crying like crazy) while mom lovingly pulled our panties back over our red sore botties, and then our shorts were re-fastened all tidy and smart. We were then given a hug and sent to our rooms, with the hornets nest buzzing on our stingy bottoms. That was a routine spanking back then in the early 1960s !
And then came the switch later. Oh my !
Mommy did the right thing for sure Veronica. I support that approach ! But I did not appreciate it at the time. Oh my ! :-(
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx