Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One, two and three


Njspank said...

Such a lovely bottom in blue jeans, hot lady then panty!! Love the red bottom.


Anonymous said...

Naughty daughter gotten her bottom smacked over father's knee - photo 3 is a perfect reality Veronica!

That lovely, fairy-soft, ever-so sensitive skin all across your chubby, white botty Veronica, sure reminds me that we are blessed with a perfectly designed, tender place upon which strict, loving discipline can given by our husbands and parents when we gotten naughty.

Slipper to bare botty - maximum sting, maximum safety - the very essence of a spanking. And seeing you here Veronica, reminds me of my own seat of learning (completely bare) over my father's knee, early 1960s. In fact, my mom was the chief spanker. My hubby provides that role for me today, naturally.

My two lil' daughters did not find themselves across their father's knee as shown in photo 3 in 1980s/90s Veronica (unfortunately !). He was not the disciplinarian in our family, back then. But do not worry Veronica. I sure was the botty smacker when my daughters misbehaved. They ended up over my knee, and yes, their knickers gotten pulled down to knees as a matter of normal routine. That was the rule.

Their botties sure stung Veronica - I used a cane, a traditional, flexible, thin, rattan switch. I remember my sister and I gotten so petrified when mom pulled our panties down for a whuppin' with the cane in the 1960s. Bottles on show and unprotected ! That was the punishment. It sure is the only way Veronica. So my daughters gotten the same harsh but fair CP from yours truly.

My hubby supported my CP and saw the benefits for unruly daughters in their childhoods. But I gotten the task and responsibility of pulling down knickers and deliver a good, ol' Southern switching ! Just part of family life Veronica. CP moms were plenty back then. And daughters gotten raised happy and successful...and thankful for "tough love".
Strict Mom Brenda xx