Monday, October 3, 2011

Soundly Spanked!


Anonymous said...

nice bottom

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bum already Veronica...both my mother and two daughters would laugh at the this, given our family history, and my hubby too of course.

Obviously my mother tanned my hide with the switch when raising me in the 1960s, and she also tanned my daughters bare backsides with the rattan switch in their childhoods (1980s/90s) when my hubby and I were away at work or on vacation.

My mom is high spirited in her mid 80s, I am in my late 50s, and my two daughters are just in their early 30s. We openly talk about spanking because corporal punishment was constant for us all- bare bottom switching with the cane were not spared. I raised my daughters very strictly with the cane, just as I gotten raised by my mom (and my sister too)

I guess we are a traditional, Ol' fashioned family with Southern values. My daughters always thank me for my strict discipline in their childhoods. Spanking is part of growing up and strict, loving domestic, parental care. We just do not believe in PC Veronica. We sure all believe in CP across our generations.
Strict Mom Brenda xx