Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Stepdaughter's spanking"

Another great Nu-West clip, in the first scene the stepmother's spanking is not very effective but that changes later on.


Punisherblues said...

i think the step mom should have been spanked also for not knowing how to give one in the first place that left her in tears from the start

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting another of these finds from Uncle Joe's collection (I'm presuming it is), Veronica. There's something uniquely charming about these 80s productions from Nu-West that's different from what's out there nowadays.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Dave said...

That spanker's seasoned hand is made of iron, apparently! Gotta' love these butt-blazin' vintage nu-west clips...

...and sounds like it was shot in an echo chamber, with the reverb of those smacks echoing....

Love your blog,

Anonymous said...

Disposal of her drawers made all the difference.


Aunty Andrea said...

If she had been my step daughter she would have gotten a great deal more than a hand spanking. My hairbrush at the very least. I doubt she's learnt her lesson yet. Thanks for posting it, though.

Anonymous said...

this little girl got big spanks.

Njspank said...

Agree with Aunty, this younf lady earned a long dose of the brush.

Very hot however and just loved the nice panty spanking.

How about you and Tony do a remake??


Anonymous said...

None of the clips seem to be working anymore?

OldFashionGirl said...

@Anonymous: They are working on this end. Blogger might have been down.

Anonymous said...

I love these Nu-West videos, especially the ones with Peaches. She can really take a spanking. If only they had the old Debbie videos with sound. That would be the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the F/F content :) Yummy!

Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

Bare Botty from the get-go ! And a lil' switch would help with the tickle tail !

Yes, Veronica, a strict mommy 's techniques would be mighty fine !

When I was a precocious potty mouthed lil' princess, my strict mother took no prisoners. This was the 1960s/70s and ten year-old brats got no half-measures in our house.
I'd find myself bent over the sofa (or that blue bed) with the cotton-white, fairy-soft skin on my botty exposed for a good, proper spanking with a rattan switch. Boo-Hoo.
Oh my, it was harsh, but also harmless and I would be sent to my room with a hornets nest buzzing on my tender fair backside !
This naughty daughter could receive similar strict, loving discipline Veronica?

On a bare botty I certain felt the switchin'. And I feared it too. And the baring/ panties down process was a punishment in its own right. Mother made it a brief formal ritual. It was humbling and made me feel the naughty lil' girl that I was (but crucially, never humiliating!)

This daughter in the video could be humbled too ? I had to put my hands on my head while mommy pulled my shorts and then my white cotton panties down to my knees. Baring my lil' white backside for punishment.

As a lil' girl, I was always conscious of my chubby botty, mainly because it was as white as snow, whereas the rest of me was a golden sun tan. My sister and I said our bums at bath time were whiter and softer than Georgia cotton. And so having my tan lines and bare pale skin exposed for a whuppin' was a powerful moment...and a necessary one, as strict mommy said. Panties down is the only way Veronica!

Of course the repeated and numerous flicks of the switch on tender skin made me squeal loudly. And my situpon was unbearably stinging and red as mommy pulled my panties (or jammies) back up, refastened my shorts and sent me to my room to ponder. My lil' sister was disciplined exactly the same. A switchin' was harmless but effective as loving discipline.

Yes, such strict spankings seem slightly unusual today. But I was raised twenty or more years before naughty steps, PC and groundings. And my mother (now in her eighties) only followed the stern, conventional family discipline that governed Georgia and the South a long time ago.

Veronica, in summary, as a strict loving mommy I recommend the same treatment for this naughty girl ! Or the hairbrush on the bare botty as some have suggested.
Strict Nostalgic Brenda xx