Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tanning my hide....

is a daily chore.


Njspank said...

Well earned no doubt.

Love your boots but love your bottom more!!

Awesome thanks

Aunty Andrea said...

And what a very enjoyable chore it would be.

RobertOTK said...

And a chore worth doing.......

Anonymous said...

Tantrums dealt with back home...on the bare !

Veronica, I vividly remember an incident in the late 1960s when a mother was spanking her daughter in the shop. She was almost"thumping" her through her skirt, petticoat , underpanties and cardigan ! It was not effective and caused distress and was rather untoward. It wasn't a proper smacked bottom, as I was used to, growing up.

My mommy immediately said that my bare bottom switchin's at home, in privacy, were kind, strict and safe, compared to this farce happening in front of us. I agreed with mother.

As a lil' girl growing up in Georgia, I wasn't smacked in public when I misbehaved badly - always in private when we got home. It was a proper good smacked bottom Veronica ! I was always punished with a whippy lil' rattan switch kept handily in the downstairs cupboard. And crucially, my bottom was always bared. It was very strict. Very simple. Very formal. And very effective. And yes, very kind that slightly strange ol' fashioned Southern family -values style of the 1960s.

A switchin' on bare skin was appropriate and safe. It was controlled and I knew that I was being punished in a loving but stern fashion. I've always maintained that my bare botty switchin's growing up, were absolutely harmless, despite a temporary ferocious sting...which was the intention. And panties down bottom smackings were just part of growing up for sister and me. And for my girly peers too. It was conventional community wisdom back then Veronica!

In later decades, some girl friend buddies (and boyfriends) questioned why my mommy used a switch on my bare botty, and why she needed to pull my panties down. But Veronica, I think they misunderstood the 1960s domestic discipline. They misunderstood the South and it's ol' fashioned approaches. And they misunderstood my very strict but loving mommy, who was older and sterner than other moms...even for that by-gone era ! So Veronica, my mother's description of my whuppin's as kind, were correct at that time. But do now seem ridiculous today when viewed out of the historical and social context of that time.
Nostalgic Brenda xx