Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cowcatchers Daughter

I've seen many mainstream spankings before but this is one of my favorites. It has such a great domestic spanking between a father and his daughter. For those who have not seen it here it is.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Veronica. But..."botties bare for bath times and spankings !"

This is soooo cute. I can categorically state Veronica, (and remember !) that my pudgy li'l botty was always completely devoid of any clothing when I was spanked by mom or pop. A bare botty for a hard hand, hairbrush or mainly a li'l dreaded rattan switch was what a spanking entailed - by definition! There was no other way Veronica. My mother used to say that quote (botties /bath times ) constantly to sister and me...and to other moms too. Discipline was embedded in family and social structure.

Despite debate and PC analysis in recent decades, it was unthinkable in many homes in Georgia in the 1960s, that a naughty li'l madame would not have , say, a pair of dungarees unfastened and then a little pair of white cotton panties also pulled down so that strict but loving maternal or paternal discipline could be administered to the sensitive skin on her bare behind ! It was just normal.

In the South it was called a whuppin'. And my sister and I got it in the form of a rattan switch on our bare, white botty skins. No half-measures.

So in my head Veronica, the same thing is happening to this naughty little cutey in the black and white movies haha ! Don't you think her red-skinned backside would look sooo well as realistic :-)

Strict Brenda xx