Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Never too old for a spanking!

Here's a cute clip from Raven Hill's "A spanking works better." Two sisters decided they would rather be spanked then grounded and their father has no problems with that, wrong choice girls!!!


Njspank said...

Wrong choice for them but not for us!!

Thanks Beautiful


Weasel said...

amazing..and this guy probably got paid to do this, too. Sigh..i would paid THEM to let me spank her like that !!

Punisherblues said...

the girl being spanked looks a lot like oldfashiongirl being spanked is it

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the brunette spankee is? I have clips from a spanking she received from a Asian gentleman wearing fishnet tights and mini dress.

Anonymous said...

and after corner time.. and the turn of her sister...

Anonymous said...

A spanking first...and then a grounding Veronica.

This is so fantastic Veronica. I love the reality and formality and the lil' details. I love the way father bares her bottom right at the beginning (as my father did with me), rolling up his shirt - he means business Veronica.

I love the way naughty daughter carefully pulls down her shorts, so as not to take her panties down with them (oh no ! Gulp !) Maybe daddy will not pull them down ? But sadly for her, strict loving fathers always do...or at least they did when I was growing up in Atlanta's suburbs in the 1960s Veronica !

Then in the early 1980s, as a College and working girl, I was infatuated with these realistic, traditional, domestic spankings (father/daughter, mother/daughter) shown as videos or in magazines. Nu West was the main brand and they reminded me of my strict upbringing. Great to see Mommy and Debbie as popular retro-pieces today

The two sisters here, remind me of watching my lovely, lil' younger sister get spanked by mommy in the 1960s. My sister had a problem with lying to mommy. Bad news Veronica !
Before mommy bought the rattan switch for me (as the older daughter) the "botty smacker" was usually the wooden spoon or wooden hairbrush. It was firmly applied to bare skin, over mom's knee ! Very strict no-nonseence for sure Veronica. Spankings "needed to count" !

Spankings were colourful and noisy. And formal. Mommy would be so cross and place the chair in the middle of the kitchen and then fetch the wooden soon from the drawer. My lil' sister would stand by the chair, hands on her head (to ease the baring process) sobbing and saying "sorry mommy" already. Mom ignored her protests, sat down on the chair, and carefully and purposefully unfastened the buttons of a small, pair of cute cotton shorts, then slowly pulled them down to her naughty lil' daughter's knees.

I was always scared and excited to see lil' sis's chubby botty covered in those 1950s' cute, white, cotton panties. We both wore those constantly. No cartoon panties Veronica !

These ol' fashioned underpanties were large and sensible and almost like a pair of lil' shorts in their own right Veronica ! Mommy would take hold of the waistband with both hands and slip them right down to the shorts. My sister's freedom of movement was almost (conveniently !) trapped by her shorts and panties around her knees

Oh my, Veronica ! My sister's chubby botty was suddenly competely exposed and the fairest-soft, alabaster-white skin in Georgia, contrasted with her brown, sun-tanned back and legs (we were outdoor girls) The soft, sensitive target was clearly defined in a paler shade of of white Veronica ! She stood there hands on her head, white ankle socks, shorts and white panties around her knees. ! Poor lil' thing !

Mom would then haul her over her knees and lock her in position. My sis's lil' bare behind looked soooo quivering-tender and vulnerable ...and mom lacked sympathy and mercy. Countless stinging smacks of the wooden spoon landed on sensitive bare skin ...that was the idea !!

The sound was loud ! (our neighbours heard it clearly in the summer) and sister's pudgy white bottom got redder and redder and redder. Her constant squeals were drowned by mom's Dana Specht style scolding "naughty girls who lie get their bare bottoms smacked already !"
Boo-Hoo, Just part of growing up !

Mommy was an expert bottom smacker Veronica- very harsh but fair. The red skin was the "hornets nest" but it was harmless. Mom would then carefully pull lil' sis's panties back-up and re-fasten her shorts tidily. A hug and a kiss...and then sister would rub and dance and cry to her room for a grounding. That was a good smacked bottom Veronica and it was a routine foundation stone of our traditional, family life. And it explains my enthusiasm today Veronica !
Great video this one...brings back memories !
Nostalgic Brenda....and lil' sister !! :-)