Sunday, November 27, 2011

Someone is going to get a bare bottom spanking!

Sometimes you have to go right to the bottom of the problem.


Joe in Houston said...

Is there ever really a BAD time to spank an amazingly cute and incredibly sexy girl? I just can't think of one.......

HOT and SEXY, Veronica!

Njspank said...

I love your shirt! Very silky and oh yes a nice spanking for you!


Anonymous said...

Soooo love the panties down shot Veronica, do your little girly protests stop immediately then ? Mine always air on the botty is sobering. ! Boo-Hoo :-(

My hubby knows I like panties down in this fashion, as shown, standing with hands on head. Of course there are lots of baring routines. Variety is the spice of life !

When mom and pop spanked me decades' ago, I had to stand like you here, by the armchair or bed hands on head. It was most humbling.....a very important part of a smacked bottom. But never humiliating.
It was formal and showed that mum and dad meant business.

As panties fell, my protests ceased. No point really :-) I was scared stiff and quivering....staring at the nasty thin cane that would - by maternal decree - have to smack the soft bare skin on my far too tender botty. Boo-Hoo :-( And that was the whole point, and why mummy was sooooo right to do it ! ....hubby obliges naturally ;-) Brenda. X