Friday, December 30, 2011

I should of worn.....

Granny Panties!!!


Njspank said...

What a way to end this year but with a lovely picture of your beautiful bottom being spanked in it and love panty spankings. Especially with you in the panty!!

Hot, printer busy on thos one lol.

Happy New Year and hugs


Ernie said...

I don't think it would have helped Veronica, besides a'covered bottom is a sad thing to spank!'
Happy New Year V;)

Anonymous said...

Granny panties do not work with strict mommies or daddies Veronica. Especially in the South. Especially when I was growing up in Georgia in the 1960s. Oh my !

As a lil' Southern girl I wore those 1950s, large, cotton, white, snuggy, full-bottomed panties that were very Ol' fashioned and conservative...typical of my mother ! Perfect for good, lil' princesses in strict households. Those panties were like lil' slips or shorts. Very cute too

My mom was into Church faith, not fashion and ensured that her two lil' daughters were very strictly raised (with "the rod of correction") and with traditional, family values. In retrospect my upbringing was more like the 1930s !! So were those large white panties

So Veronica, large, cotton, white, lil' princess underpanties did me no good when I was naughty and gotten a whuppin' from mommy. She fetched the flexible, thin, whippy cane - we called it the "switch" in our house, and also "the rod" in terms of faith...and oh my, she pulled my panties down to my knees (and raised my pretty lil' dress obviously !!) so that I gotten it on the bare alabaster-white skin of my botty. Every time already. On the bare was the only way the switch was administered for sister and me !

Harsh but fair for naughty ten year old brats ! Quite right too Veronica - maximum sting, maximum safety and control. It's mommy-approved discipline Veronica.
Oh my. Granny Panties offer no protection. And as a strict mommy, I say, nor should they Veronica !
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx