Thursday, December 22, 2011

"The North Pole Princess"

As we all know our beloved Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with his wife Mrs. Claus and all of his helpers but did you know that Santa has a daughter too? Yup! Veronica Claus aka the "North Pole Princess" also resides in the North Pole. This princess is very, very naughty. She bullies all the elves and talks back to her mom and dad but old Santa would never discipline his daughter,after all he is a saint. The way it works in the North Pole is the male elves work in one workshop making boy toys and the female elves work in another workshop making girl toys. One day the princess decided to enter the male elf workshop only to taunt and tease them. She knew that all the male elves got excited whenever she was around and by being at the workshop very little to no work will get done. She began shaking her bottom at the elves and lifting up her dress to give them glimpses of her perky bottom. Then she grabbed a wooden bath brush that one elf just finished making and began spanking the poor little guys. These shenanigans lasted for about an hour when Anthony the workshop foreman walked in. Now Anthony was not an elf but a man appointed by Santa to watch over the elves. He grabbed the wooden bath brush from the princess and took her over his knee to dish out the same tormenting punishment she gave the elves. He began spanking her hard and all she would do is make threats and swear at Anthony. Her bottom was soon bared and even though this drove the elves to the brink of insanity it had to happen and she needed this spanking for quite some time now. Her bottom blistered after several minutes. Once she was off his lap she swore at him and found herself over his knee once more. Finally the young princess begged him to stop and apologized to all the elves. Later that evening Santa came to shake Anthony's hand for the poor old man didn't have the heart to spank his daughter, after all he is a saint. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! XoXo


Aunty Andrea said...

The princess needs plenty of spankings to keep her perky little posterior warm in in that cold northern climate.

Njspank said...

What a lovely brush and spanking. I am particular to the beautiful red panty! Awesome.

Merry Christmas.


Cranky Spanker said...

Nice holiday themed outfit and spanking.

Merry Christmas

Dr. Ken said...

A bath brush spanking for Christmas--just what you always wanted! :-)

Happy Holidays, Veronica!

Dr. Ken

RobertOTK said...

Absolutely beautiful....! Merry Christmas Veronica, to you and your husband. Never stop spanking; never stop loving.

Warm Bottoms,

Joe in Houston said...

MAGNIFICENT as usual, Veronica! I think the tiara is just a wonderful touch...I mean, WHO doesn't like to see a pompous little princess finally get her much deserved comeuppance?!

I also have to comment specifically on frame 25 of 34, in this series. IF that were the very beginning of the spanking, I think that well illustrates just the very sweetest moment of the whole experience for both the spanker and the spankee, when the spanker is getting in position and prepared to spank, and the spankee is just mere seconds from being put into position herself, for her spanking...that's the moment, IMO, when anticipation is at the highest peak, when the face feels flushed, the heartbeat is accelerated, the breating becomes shallow and the knees are a bit weak... THAT is the most intense, most magical moment, the one that makes you feel blessed to have this gift of being a spanko... Would you agree? I need a cigarette...and I don't even smoke! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and ALL of yours!

Love Always,

OldFashionGirl said...

Anticipation is a great aspect of spanking. xoxo