Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nothing like a warm bottom...

on a cold winter's day.


Aunty Andrea said...

'Tis the season to be spanking!

Njspank said...

Administered by the loving hand of your man as well.

You are just so beautiful and your bottom is just lovely being turned nice and red.

Hope you are well.

Hang in there and thanks for being so sexy.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful yummy angle of your lovely bottom Veronica! I'll fetch my switch already ! Tee-hee
My hubby knows that I like being disciplined in the lounge best. Well, everywhere I guess Veronica (oh my ! Ha-Ha) but the living room is a special nostalgic place - my sister and I usually got our botties tanned there by mommy, back in the day.

When mommy was very cross and fetched the lil' nursery cane for we daughters (the thinnest rattan "switch") we were escorted into the living room to be bent over the sofa arm. And oh my, yes Veronica, the glass doors were open in the summer, so the elderly neighbours next door heard our admonishments.

Our mommy wasn't embarrassed...she openly talked about our spankings to them ! Such was the culture in those strict, conservative 1960s' suburbs ! Family discipline was normal.

It was formal and scary. Mommy was very matter of fact and very strict. No fuss or wishy washy nonsense Veronica.

We lil' tender princesses protested when our white cotton panties were pulled down to our knees (hands on our heads at that moment) and our pretty dresses raised; but she ignored our reasoning, and said that bare bottoms made for a better sting and for better safety too. It was a no brainer Veronica. Mama religiously stated that it was punishment - so protective clothing was unnecessary and self-defeating for our botty whuppin's!! So we always got it on bare skin. It was the only way in our house Veronica.

That distinctive swish-smack sound of whippy, rattan upon our fairest, tender, bare botties was heard by the neighbours. Plus of course, oh my, our lil' girly wailing and crying.

Mother was the archetypal strict loving 1950s' mommy (think, Donna Specht in 1950s Maternal Discipline film, on Momma Spankings, Veronica !?) and she had received bare bottom switchin's from grandmother in the 1930s/40s, with a similar rattan cane. It still fascinates me Veronica, that similar harsh family values and spankings were then effected on us by mom thirty years later in 1960s/70s. So much for colour tv and moon landings - maternal attitudes and discipline hadn't changed Veronica!
Long live lounges and living rooms ! Smack !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx