Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Woodshed

Wikipedia has this to say about a woodshed "In the United States, a woodshed is often associated with corporal punishment; in many rural communities, a wayward boy would be disciplined with a switch or whip or similar instrument by an adult male relative, typically the father. Such discipline would frequently be meted out in or behind the wooden shed ubiquitous in rural America, so as to be out of the public view. The phrase "taking someone to the woodshed" now is a generic idiom for meting out discipline (whether violent or not), or for resoundingly defeating an opponent in a game or sport." With that in mind I included this great Raven hill clip of a young lady getting a sound over-the-knee hand spanking by an older burly male inside of a woodshed, enjoy. XoXo



I believe that having the audible swats and ouches away from houses was also a factor in woodshed use.


Aunty Andrea said...

Great to see you posting again, Veronica.

Njspank said...

Welcome back my friend, hope you are well. Hang in.

I agree the woodshed was used to spank and I still use that phrase!!

Nice post thanks

Anonymous said...

You write beautifully Veronica - great post girl !
I so agree. I was raised in a strict traditional household in line with your strict sentiments Veronica. And in line with the sentiments of this great video.
And when I was growing up in Georgia in the 1960s the "woodshed" culture was just part of family life. Although, I grew up in Atlanta's suburbs so most of us did not actually have a woodshed !
But oh my, we gotten switchin's for sure !

My girl friends had to cut switches (very memorable) but my sister and I did not Veronica. This is because my mother kept a thin. flexible, rattan switch permanently in the cupboard - this was the botty-smacker in our house Veronica. We did not have a paddle or a strap. The switch was introduced when I was eight, to replace the hairbrush and wooden spoon as the botty-smacker for we daughters. Harsh those 1960s already !

Mommy's rattan switch was always administered to the bare skin on our bottoms (without exception !!) usually in the living room.
If at bedtime our PJs woud be pulled down to uncover the sensitve skin on our bums for a whuppin'. During the day our shorts and panties would automatically be pulled down to our knees for punishment.

Our backsides deserved to sting. And they sure did Veronica.
On our soft, bare skin the sting was very harsh (that is the idea Veronica !) but also perfectly safe. We were humbled as lil' girls with our botties bare, and clearly understood that we had been naughty. We also took canings seriously because we gotten our panties were pulled down !!! Mom also believed in the Christian/Church way of punishing on our bare bottoms with the switch ("rod").
As a strict mom, I support my mother's traditional family views Veronica
Brenda xx