Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The Doctor's exam"

One day sixty year old Mr. Wilson went to see his doctor for a slight fever he's had and body aches. Dr. Langley has been his physician for over twenty years and Mr. Wilson has no complaints about being under his care. He walked into the office and greeted the clerk and filled out the usual forms. He sat down in the waiting room when he heard an unfamiliar female voice call his name. He entered the exam room and saw a rather young female sitting there with his medical chart, "are you Dr. Langley's nurse?" he asked. "No Mr. Wilson I'm filling in for Dr. Langley, he's on vacation in the Bahamas. My name is Dr. Sore and what brings you here today?" He hesitated and thought how young she looked, old enough to be his daughter. At first he thought of rescheduling his appointment but he needed to feel better soon. "I feel body aches and I think I have a fever but I don't have a sore throat or any nasal problems." Dr. Sore then instructed him to get undressed and put a hospital gown on. "I need you to remove your clothes and underware and place the gown on before I proceed with the exam." she said in a firm voice. When Mr. Wilson came back he felt ridiculous, he never had to wear a hospital gown in the past. Dr. Sore stood up and had him sit down, she was wearing a rather short skirt which he felt was unprofessional but he also understood that she's from a much younger generation then he is. "I'm going to check you blood pressure and do a few other test." She checked his blood pressure, pulse rate and lung sounds and it was going okay so far until... "I need you to stand up and bend over so I can check your prostate." She began to lube her finger when he exclaimed, " Dr. Langley checked my prostate six months ago and said I was fine!" She shot back in a rather harsh voice " Mr. Wilson, you are complaining of feeling feverish and have no respiratory complaints with clear lung sounds therefore your prostate might be the cause of your infection!" He bent over and she jammed her index finger into his rectum. Once inside she began to palpate his prostate gland causing an unexpected erection. He was embarrassed but had no control over it. When it was over she glanced at his erection which was obvious from the garment he was wearing and rolled her eyes. "It's a bit large, your prostate that is. Lets see how high of a fever you have." With that she grabbed a mercury thermometer and began to lube it up too. "What the hell!" he thought, "why is she putting lube on that thing." He then asked "Excuse me doctor but why are you putting lube on the thermometer, isn't it going in my mouth?" "No, it's going in your rectum because I want a true reading." Then she sat down a just looked at him. "What would you like me to do, bend over the chair?" he said softly. "No, I want you to lay across my lap so I can properly insert this thermometer into your rectum and hold it in place for one minute." She said in a condescending voice. As he laid himself over her knee he blushed like a school boy, he felt soooo humiliated and even violated. She inserted the thermometer inside of him and held it in place for one minute then replied, "you don't have a fever but you do have a rather large prostate, I have a special massage that might work." She then grabbed a battery operated massager and placed it on his perineum. "I'm going to give you a perineal massage thus stimulating your prostate so just stay still and keep your legs spread apart." As the massage took place he felt his penis enlarge, it pressed on her lap and he felt a quiver throughout his body. Then out of nowhere he had a massive ejaculation. "Okay Mr. Wilson, it's over. You just needed your prostate drained of seminal fluid. You'll be fine now." With that, she began to walk away when Mr. Wilson felt it was time for some payback. "Not so fast Doc! I may be old but I'm not stupid, you did not have to give me a rectal temp over your lap like I was some child, furthermore you could of told me to read a playboy magazine and whack off at my own leisure to drain my gland, instead you humiliated me and showed me no respect. What you need young lady is for me to put you over my knee and spank the living daylights out of you!!!" He grabbed her arm and took her over his lap and began to wallop her backside. Within moments she had her bottom bared and cheeks turning red. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please no more!" She cried and pleaded. He got up and grabbed his clothes leaving Dr. Sore very sore indeed. Months later when Mr. Wilson came back for his routine physical he was greeted by his regular doctor and asked about Dr. Sore. "She left the medical practice", Dr. Langley said with enthusiasm. "Something about her needing a nurse to nurse her bottom." Mr. Wilson just smiled.

Mr. Wilson had to change into a hospital gown for his exam.

Dr. Sore had him bend over a chair to check his prostate.

With his prostate being massaged he could not control his erection.

Like a child, he laid across her lap for a temperature check.

She held the thermometer in his rectum for one minute.

The perineal massage sent him into a frenzy.

As he ejaculated he laid limp across her lap.

After his humiliation, it was time for some payback!

Dr. Sore is now very sore indeed!


Anonymous said...

so funny.XD

Njspank said...

My dear friends, this is the most erotic and hot post and picture story you two have ever shared. Wow this is amazing.

I love your relationship it is amazing.

And your hsuband gets milked but then spanks your lovely bottom. Amazing.

One thing, you are a beautiful lap would have loved to seen you spank him.

Thanks as well for the lovely shot of your panty being spanked, loved it.

Amazing couple, thank you for sharing.

This was hot!!!!!


Enzo said...

Nice story Veronica but you are such a tease... for not sharing the complete story.
Allow me to explain; what seems to be missing in the story is Mr. Wilson giving Dr. Sore a full rectal temp as well as part of the full recompense. Don't you think?

BTW I especially like the white panties..were they regulation sheer white panties?

Scott S. said...

Totally hot, Erica!!
But I agree with Enzo!!
We have been waiting for you to get that thermometer for awhile!!!
Keep it up!!
Scott S.