Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A hairbrush spanking, OUCH!!!

There is nothing more lethal then an old-fashioned husband yielding a hairbrush. This is one awesome spanking, very sexy with five minutes of hairbrush spanking so enjoy. PS. I'm not sure of the name or who the players are but they do an amazing job, I love the way she squeals.


PhilK said...

Now that's a really good spanking - and yes, her squealing and leg-kicking reactions are quite delicious. Russian, by the sound of it?

Njspank said...

Wow, that is one hot clip and to think he was not done yet. Classic OTK brushing, slow and steady and yes ma'am, she squels wonderfully. Never seen this one before, what a treat and again a wonderful hard brushing. Thanks sweetie, loved it.


Brian said...

I believe this a Nu-West clip of a Russian husband and his wife. She's a doctor but he rules the roost.

Anonymous said...

In reality he could pick upm the pace......I realize for video purposes he has to slow it down to lengthen the video, so it's not over inside of 2 minutes.

Looks like a Nu-West vid.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if she was a doctor or not, but she would definitely be nursing her behind after that.


PhilK said...

He could pick up the pace, sure, but why would he? He seems very comfortable with those steady, deliberate swats, so my guess is that's just the way he likes to spank. And leaving a second or two between each spank gives time for the sting to sink in. I often spank like that, though not invariably.

Anonymous said...

Love the spanking! But, judging by the noise coming from the chair, they're both going to end up on the floor soon. They should try to get a chair like the one in the picture above. I'm sure Veronica can testify to its sturdiness!

Anonymous said...

Great Spanking!!! The only thing missing is the tear-streaked, anguished face of the naughty young lady!

Anonymous said...

Mommy's best friend....I love the hairbrush Veronica. Most moms do !! And my hubby will always have it to hand for my bare bum ...Boo-Hoo. Especially at my bath time !

One of the first things I learned in my early years (early 1960s) Veronica, is that mom used her classic wooden hairbrush on both ends of me. I gotten the tangles in my princess hair brushed by mom... and the fairest, bare skin on my botty also brushed by mom when I was naughty (the flat wooden side religiously applied over her knee)

Mom's strict, Ol' fashioned Christian views (many moms held those views Veronica) were "brushed" into me as a lil' tender-bottomed princess. Wailing and "locked down" over her knee with my pretty, 1950s canary yellow dress hoisted and my 1950s, traditional, white, cotton underpanties around my knees ! Tender, pale, botties unclothed and on show for a strict, spanker-mommy Veronica. Oh my it was noisy ! :-(

And when I reached 8 years old already, mom gotten the flexible, rattan switch from the supplier. Oucheeeees for sure Veronica. This was "the rod of correction". "Not to be spared". Again I always gotten it with my panties pulled down and my botty completely bare. It made sense. It was a natural process.
Harsh family discipline was normal in our house Veronica. And pretty common everywhere in the 1960s already. Quite right too Veronica !
Naughty Lil' brenda xx