Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Midterm Spanking"

When Veronica came home from school she knew that her father had already gotten the bad news, principal Daley just spoke to him on the telephone and told him that she failed her midterm exams. Veronica was instructed to sit on the ottoman by the window until he decided what her punishment would be. One hour had past when father approached, his sleeves rolled up meant one thing, a SPANKING! Over-the-knee she went and a good spanking commenced. Kicking and squirming did little good to stop his iron hand from landing on her soft, delicate bottom. Once her bottom was bared the spanking intensified. When it was over she laid across his knee and wept. She better do good on her finals or the hairbrush will be put to good use.


Njspank said...

OK my friend, I love the scene and the location, is this a new piece of furniture in your home? Adorable and lovely outfit, wow, just hot. And yes my dear, just wonderful white panty spanking, more please. Love it.

Tony took his time and your beautiful bottom is nice and red. Can't wait for the brush!!

Thanks for sharing, you two are amazing.


Joe in Houston said...

EXCELLENT!!! I just think Pricipal Daley should have paddled you first!

fatherjim said...

As always, just the best! You never disappoint, with each new series topping the previous! Her outfit and bottom are perfect, he looks just right for the part!

Wonderful x's 10!

thanks for sharing!


Aunty Andrea said...

A 3 part spanking too! That should ensure better work from now on.

asian spank said...

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