Monday, January 9, 2012

My collage


RobertOTK said...

You are beautiful and your husband is a very lucky man....!
May you both enjoy each other for a long, long time.

Njspank said...

Love it, you are just too beautiful and what a lovely bottom!!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful collage Veronica. Your blog is a true inspiration to me.
This collage makes me feel retro already.
I'm now in my late 50s and writing my memoirs. Spanking has been a constant in my life Veronica.

As a 1950s born 1960s raised girl in Atlanta, with a strict, Christian mother , I gotten bare bottom canings (Southern rattan switch) throughout my childhood. Ditto my sister.

For sure when I was blessed with motherhood and two wonderful daughters in the 1980s, they naturally gotten the sane punishment Veronica. Plenty of corporal punishment on their lil' bare botties from me. The rattan switch "rod" was not spared Veronica. My daughters always thank me for being raised with strict, traditional, Southern family values and corporal punishment (despite all the PC nonsense around Veronica)

Between being s naughty daughter and s strict, CP mother I was a college student and working girl in a big company in the big city.....discovering spanking magazines, spanking shops and videos in the 1970s and early 80s :-)

And now with my daughters long left home and happy and successful (just in their thirties) I am a sexy wife who gets her bare bottom spanked by hubby, just like when I was a child. And in other ways too.

I am mainly a "bottom" but also a "top"to my hubby....which is really, like, a leftover of being a strict, loving CP spanking mon to my two girls in their childhoods !
Nostalgic Mom Brenda xx