Monday, January 16, 2012

Peek-a-boo! boo!


Njspank said...

Simply beautiful, love it


Aunty Andrea said...

As Ron said, beautiful. Very classy the way the panties are lowered just enough to afford a look at the steaming buttocks beneath them.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely peek-a-boo-botties-boo ! Veronica :-) smack smack! So deliciosa...

Takes me back to two naughty lil' madams in old-fashioned Georgia Veronica !

As a naughty ten year-old brat, I was always so close to my lil' sister; but when she had lied to mummy and was going to be punished, I found it a little exciting :-) as well as scary boohoo :-(

In our strict Southern household in the late 1960s/70s, the "botty smacker" was not the usual paddle or Georgia strap :-) but rather a nasty, little, thin, whippy, feather - light cane kept in the downstairs' cupboard.

Mummy (and daddy) administered it with our panties pulled down and our botties bare, without exception. Whuppin' s were not half-hearted back in the day ! We daughters took it seriously...Gulp !

Lil' sis was standing by the sofa - all tears and fears. With hands on head: to add formality and structure. And to facilitate the baring of naughty bottoms. Mommy was nothing, if not furious and focused.

Despite being as brown as a berry in summer, my sister had the fairest whitest -white, backside in the State of Georgia, Veronica ! (apart from my own chubby sit upon of course haha ! ) Sister's tan lines clearly denoted the target.

Down came a pair of cutey shorts, followed by a pair of lil' cotton panties...peek-a-boo, boo Veronica!

Yes, the fairy -soft skin on my sister's chubby behind went redder and redder and redder as the switch landed repeatedly. And yes, unmistakable smacky smack sounds of rattan on bare botty-skins were was the wailing ! But in fairness, an unbearable stinging bottom is harmless Veronica. Mummy was extremely strict but also extremely loving too, in that cute ( and cringing!) old-fashioned manner.
Peek-a-boo Veronica. My sister and I laugh about it all today ! :-)

Hugs Naughty Brenda xx