Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spanking, spanking and only spanking

I have a FetLife profile and when someone sends me a friends request I always check their profile page to see what sort of kink they are into. I see a lot of B&D or S&M, cross dressing, diapers etc. Now I have no problem with any ones fetish (as long as it does not involve kids) but they are not my thing. I do not consider myself a slave, servant or even all that submissive. I am however a brat a flirt and very headstrong and even though my husband spanks me often he is never verbally abusive. If you are on FetLife and I didn't approve your friendship request it's because you have nothing related to traditional otk spanking on your profile and not that I don't respect your fetish but spanking is my only true love. XoXo

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Njspank said...

Well said and to a certain extent pure spanking folks are in the minority.

Your relationship with Tony is amazing and an inspiration to so many of us!

Love you