Thursday, February 9, 2012

"The appointment"

The other day I had an appointment to do my taxes and was supposed to be there no later than 9am. Tony took some time off from work to meet me there and told me several times not to be late. When he arrived our CPA told him that I never showed up and that she needed to reschedule our appointment for the following week. As you know Tony was mad but became livid when he got home and saw me still in bed sleeping. I was promptly turned over his knee and he began spanking me over my night shirt. Even though he was using just his hand it hurt a lot! With one flick of his wrist my night shirt was lifted up and then my panties pulled down. I promised I would not be late again and when it was over I just lay limp across his lap and sobbed like a child.


asian spank said...

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Njspank said...

Now this spanking was well earned my friend. You look wonderful over Tony's lap, perfect fit.

Nice panty spanking but they did not cover much.


Aunty Andrea said...

I would have spanked you too, young lady! My ebony hairbrush would have gotten quite the workout.

Joe in Houston said...

Wow, Veronica! It sounds like you missed the appointment with the CPA, but you certainly did keep the appointment with hubby's hand, over his knee! I'm sure that in itself, was a 'taxing' situation! :)