Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Farmers Market"

by Veronica


Njspank said...

LOve you holding onto Tony's leg, ah the side view of your banner, no?

Thanks and stay well


Anonymous said...

Naughty farmer's daughter bare bottomed over papa's knee. How exciting Veronica - that's how I was raised.

Fabulous shot Veronica. And I love Tony's Stetson and the outdoors...a typically strict Southern domestic scene !

I wasn't a farmer's daughter (and neither was my sister ha-ha) but I always related to the strict homestead values of that setting. Mom n pop were ever-so strict, especially my mom ! Oh my ! It's so ol' fashioned looking back at those stricter eras before PC and the naughty step.

In our house the attitude adjuster was not a paddle or strap or a switch from the garden. It was a permanent switch (lil' nasty, ultra thin, rattan cane)Mommy had no qualms about using it liberally ! And unfortunately it was only ever applied to bare botties too, for sister and me ! The ferocious sting wasn't meant to penetrate sensible cotton panties, according to my stern mother ! Quite right too Veronica, and in fairness it was harmless.

We didn't get spanked outside, but with windows and doors open, the resounding, unmistakeable smack of rattan on the tender white, exposed backsides of naughty lil madams was very clear for the neighbours. Who of course approved ! Cringe cringe ! So typically 1960s Veronica- harsh but fair domestic discipline.
Brenda xx