Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Financial adviser"

When I walked into my room I saw a straight back chair and knew what was going to happen next. Tony walked in the room behind me and reached for the floor to grab a slipper, he then grabbed my arm and led me towards the chair. He sat down and without saying a word took me across his lap and began spanking my bottom over my jeans. I felt the swats but did have some protection at first, that is until my jeans came down and after a good panty warming my bare plump tender bare bottom caught the brunt of his fury. It would be a spanking to remember and when it was over I could not sit down for several days. Why was I spanked so harshly? I maxed out two of our credit cards after Tony EXPLICITLY told me to stop using them. He told me that from now on he is going to be my personal financial adviser. Every time I spend too much money he will give me advise while I'm over his knee and he is going to let his hands do all the advising.


Anonymous said...

Your hubby needs a cushion on that chair to make himself more comfortable.

OldFashionGirl said...

@Anonymous: Lol, he doesn't need a cushion, I do! xoxo

Njspank said...

Too funny. Love the scene and love the panty spanking, thank you.

Great scene.


Njspank said...

Hey, nice shoes with the jeans! Hot


overherlap said...

Nice job Tony, what a beautiful target ;) If I were Tony I would be looking for reasons to have that bottom OTK often, jeans, panties and bare, but bare is the best :)