Friday, February 17, 2012


That's where I'll be this entire weekend. xoxo


Anonymous said...

He needs a pad for the seat of the chair so he can sit comfortably during your spanking. And your shoes need to be off. It wouldn't do for him to get hurt by you kicking him!

Anonymous said...

Really, the WHOLE weekend? What's the occasion?

Njspank said...

Well only thing I can say is lucky you and lucky Tony.

Love you two, have fun and hope you can sut down by Sunday night!!


Aunty Andrea said...

And what a lovely place to spend a weekend, over a loving lap.

Anonymous said...

Can`t think of a better place to be good fortune and spanks R

Anonymous said...

Naughty steps, time-outs, PC moms ?

Veronica, your bare white chubby botty was designed for the slipper. Or is it the other way round ?

My girlfriend peers in our fifties ad early sixties, including my sister's friends too...well, we laugh at all those modern PC moms, snowflakes, stories of naughty steps and stories of daughters who gotten to put on extra layers of panties or even jeans before a "spanking" from mom ! Oh my ! Pray save us Veronica !

We daughters in our Church group in our Atlanta suburb we gotten good, Ol' whippings in the 1950s/60s/70s and for sure our tender bums were as bare as they day we gotten born when our moms or dads spanked us !
It was proper CP on sensitive bare seats !

For me and my lil' sis, our wonderful pious neighbors, an elderly couple (who we went to Church with) would hear the distinctive and familiar smack of a rattan cane on the soft, white skin of our bare backsides - that was the reality of a strict, loving religious Southern mother raising two daughters in the 1960s. Our botties stung to high heaven (with this "hornets nest" punishment)...that was the idea !... and all was good in the world Veronica.

The neighbors so approved of our punishment and talked about it all the time with our mother and with us girls already . That was normal life back then Veronica. Times changed....but not for me. My daughters were thankfully raised the same by yours truly as a strict 1980s mom. CP not PC Veronica
Naughty Lil' Daughter Brenda and later, Strict Mother Brenda xx