Thursday, February 23, 2012


Veronica was sent to detention by the school principal one Friday afternoon. As she entered the detention room she was to sit down and read her books for one hour. Mr. Wilson, her teacher caught her in class with a spanking magazine she had swiped from her uncle's house earlier that morning. The magazine was "OVER-THE-KNEE" and it contained numerous pictures of adult women getting spanked. She was totally fascinated by its contents and she fantasised about getting a spanking herself. What would the principal do if he walked in and caught her reading her uncle's spanking magazine instead of reading her books, would he spank her? The thought of it turned her on and she decided to go for it. She stood up and grabbed the magazine from beneath her pile of books and sat back down to look it over. She studied every page as naughty thoughts filled her head. Then the principal entered! He casually walked over to her and took hold of the magazine. He then took hold of Veronica and said, "BARE BOTTOM SPANKING!!! HOW DARE YOU BRING SUCH FILTH INTO MY SCHOOL, YOU'LL BE SUSPENDED FOR THIS!" Veronica looked at him with Innocent eyes and said, "please don't suspend me sir I rather you give me a good spanking just like in the magazine." "I THINK I'LL DO JUST THAT YOUNG LADY!" Just like that Veronica was over the principal's knee getting spanked just like in the magazine "OVER-THE-KNEE" and it was great.

"I'm not done with you yet!"

"One more time for good measure!"


Njspank said...

Perhaps darling the most amazing, wonderful and hot spanking scene you have shared with us. So much to enjoy, your beauty, your bottom and well just a lovely hot outfit. Also nice furniture inside and out. Love the shots of you head on, nice touch and of course it is me, many thanks for the lovely and extended white panty spanking.

You are just lovely


Magus said...

Very nice as always! And I think I have the same spanking magazine.

Aunty Andrea said...

Great to see you from both angles, but if he didn't want you to read the magazines he really shouldn't have left them laying around like that.

Joe in Houston said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I STILL think the principal should have a wooden school paddle handy, and he should be making good use of it on such NAUGHTY schoolgirls like Veronica!

Beautiful scene however, Veronica!

Anonymous said...

as always.....Fantastic!....