Monday, March 26, 2012

Adorably naughty....

that's the adjective some stranger used to describe me! I was at the store on line with my husband acting like my usual self when an older gentleman leaned over towards my husband and said "she's adorably naughty." My husband just winked and said "I know." Hmmm, I wonder if that guy reads my blog?


Anonymous said...

This is an extremely sexy picture of you in all your glory.

Njspank said...

You remain just so adorable and well yes naughty, thanks and trust Tony will make sure that lovely bottom gets tended too.


Anonymous said...

Lovely naughty photo of you Veronica. This is how I ended up when I gotten naughty in the store - over the bed, my botty completely bare for a good switching from mother. This was the 1960s. Fast forward to the 1980s/90s and this is also how my daughters ended up when they gotten naughty in the store too ! I was a CP mom, not a PC mom ! As a strict, loving mother I was blissfully unaware of time-outs or naughty steps (and my daughters' grandma, my mom, certainly did not mention them !)

I recall my hubby returning from the store with stories of my young girls bad behavior and tantrums. He sent them straight to me (along with the lil' cane from the cupboard) to be scolded and have their bare bottoms tanned ! I was very strict with my girls in those days. Yes, my hubby supported CP, but it was my role to administer it Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx