Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Dressing too provocatively"

A few months ago I went out to dinner with a male friend, Tony my husband knew about my friendly date and was okay with it. I told him it was my friends birthday and he wanted me to go out to dinner with him and out dancing afterwards. Since Tony was at work when I left he had no clue as to my way too sexy attire. I wore my black mini-dress, it was body hugging and had huge slits going up both sides. The dress is designed in such a way that it would be impossible to wear any undergarments, so I wore no panties or bra and it was obvious that I was completely naked under my dress. My guy friend is gay (another reason why Tony did not mind me going out with him) and dresses very flamboyant himself so he loved my dress. When we got to the restaurant all male eyes fixated on me. The guys all had silly grins on their faces and the wives and girlfriends looked mad. The waiter was extra nice to me and even gave us some free appetizers. Across from me was an older man in his sixties who could not stop staring and while we ate our dinner I saw to Paramedics enter the restaurant and walk over to the man who was earlier staring at me. When I asked the waiter what had happened he said the man was having chest pain! Hmmm, I wonder why? We spent so much time at the restaurant that we decided to call it an early night and I went back home instead of dancing. When I walked in the door Tony's jaw dropped, he turned red with anger and was furious that I dressed so provocatively. I sat down on the couch and he began to lecture me on the importance of dressing like a lady and not some slut. I told him how all the guys at the restaurant kept staring and how one poor soul was having a heart attack because he got so excited. I leaned over the couch and shook my ass teasing Tony and telling him how horny I felt knowing every man wanted to .... me! Tony grabbed my arm and forcefully threw me over his knee. At first I giggled and taunted him but then the smacks grew harder and harder, faster and faster. He was real mad and my butt began to sting like crazy. My skirt was soon lifted and a rain of pain fell upon my tender bottom. I promised never to dress so provocatively and began to sob like a baby. He spanked me so hard and fast that when it was over I jumped off his lap rubbing my bottom at the same time. I looked back and saw how red it was and buried my head in the couch and cried for several minutes. Will I ever dress like this again? You bet! XoXo


Anonymous said...

Veronica you gid get big spanks on your botty,love and spanks ,timxx

Njspank said...

First off you are stunning and love the model like pictures of you, just beautiful. Now no panties, so naughty. Last I must say from the pics your lovely bottom took what I think was one of the hardest spankings you have shared with us. I can't recall seeing your bottom that red!! Love it.

Thanks and hugs