Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quadruple Spanking

Here's a short clip of four lovely young ladies getting a sound spanking outdoors.


Njspank said...

Classic Pacific Force, clip, thanks. Vinnie and Jacqueline are just traditional spankers. Vinnie actually was in a band, rock and roll where during concerts they would invite ladies in the crowd to come on stage and get spanked. This movie is really well done on the farm. Highlighted by the young lady in the dark blue shorts, she is just stunning, lovely panties and took a few good spankings in the movie. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Veronica ,spanks for sharing thiswith us yes all 4 girls got well spanked botties ,love andspanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Wow ! This is soooo funny and soooo cute. And soooo strict too. Just as I like it Veronica. It also has a Southern spanking retro-feel to it too :-)
I am definitely that girl with the skirt, nearest the camera Veronica. Firstly, because of her big, round, sexy, pale-skinned, curvy bum !! :-) hubby agrees. And secondly because of her great tan lies....Oh my, I love 'em Veronica.

As a fair-skinned girl living in the South, I have had sun tan lines all my life. And proud of them too Veronica !! Part of Southern life (and spanking too !)

Back in sunny Atlanta in the 1960s, as outdoor girls, my lil' sister and I were as brown as berries. But of curse our botties (snug in sensible swimsuits or shorts) were a natural, soft, whiter shade of alabaster-white !!

Our mother would comment on our prominent tan lines and cute, chubby snow -white behinds when she saw them completely bare... mainly at bath times but also sadly (boo-hoo) when we were naughty and needed a spanking !!

Again, most of our lil' princess friends had tan lines in our sunny Georgia suburbs. And many of them got bare bottom spankings from their parents - normal and common in the 1960s/70s. So I was always intrigued why artists rarely showed white bottoms, sun tanned legs and tan lines, when they drew naughty daughters across mommy's knee, with their panties down and botties bare for the hand, hairbrush or wooden spoon !?

I love the reality and details of ol' fashioned spankings Veronica. But I also recocgnised that tan lines became fewer in the 1970s, as skimpier bikinis took hold. Tan lines seemed to become a 1950s icon, but they were naturally part of me and others whilst growing up in 1960s/70s.

I love the paddle request at the end of the film. So strict !
Hubby and I enjoy various paddles of course. But my mom never spanked us with paddles, despite their popularity with other strict, local moms, and their scary presence in the stores ! ( those little deer, bear behind paddles)

Instead mommy smacked us with the lil' thin, rattan cane ("switch") from age eight. It was always applied to the bare skin on our bottoms, without exception. Harsh yes, Veronica ! But harmless too, it must be said. We all know a stinging bottom is actually harmless.

Panties down was automatic without a moment's thought or delay. And so yes....our stark tan lines and sensitive, chubby, alabaster-white botties were always on show when we were naughty ! Which has clearly dominated my mindset ever since Veronica !
Ol' fashioned Brenda xx