Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Sunday slippering

Sunday is a day for church and chores, I did go to church but right after ended right back in my pyjamas not doing any of my chores. Over-the-knee I went for a sound spanking on my tender bare bottom with a nasty slipper. Ouch!!!


Njspank said...

Just so lovely and I just love the title, nice Sunday for the slipper on your beautiful bottom.

Anonymous said...

The attitude adjuster, the botty smacker, and implement of choice ?!

Veronica, what a yummy naughty daughter you are, over daddy's knee, with your fluffy, pink , snuggy PJs pulled down for the slipper on the tender bare. Yummy!

Yes, I like all implements from my hubby, especially the Southern strap (which I was not spanked with by my mom, growing up)
Back in strict, conservative Georgia in the 1960s, my girly buddies and I used to swap stories of our parental spankings and the variety of attitude adjusters used on sensitive bare backsides in strict, loving homes.
Paddles were common Veronica, and the traditional "board of education" type spanko cliches were absolutely true. I remember the " cute little deer with the bear behind" paddles in the store. The State governance and authoritative atmosphere seemed to endorse sound, smacked bottoms for naughty, lil' brats at home.
Hairbrushes were of course ubiquitous, a I remember hearing moms talk about applying them to bare white bottoms of precocious lil' princesses - it was a mother's duty, and something to advocate and be proud of. This was twenty years before PC Veronica. It's fascinating looking back. I made diary notes and drawings at the time !
Strict papas used the Southern strap and of course "cutting a switch" was also a traditional punishment in Georgia and the South, as you know Veronica. And did I mention wooden spoons ? Oh my !

Moreover, these implements were normally applied to bare skin on naughty sit-upons too ! The South was very strict on family spanking at that time, as my peers and my sister have recalled over the decades. Bare bottoms for discipline were deemed suitable for practical and philosophical reasons and for complex Southern social mores, family values, faith and religion. Fascinating Veronica!

As lil' girls when naughty at home, mommy punished us with a whippy, thin, rattan switch which she kept handy in the cupboard. She was fiercely strict but very loving too. As a traditional mommy she always bared our pudgy, pale, lil' botties for a switchin'. Without exception Veronica! Oh my, she was uncompromising. And so despite protests, our cotton, white Georgia panties being sadly pulled down for dreaded whuppin's was just normal in our ol' fashioned home. Oucheeeees ! Quite right too, with botties unprotected and bare, we properly felt the nasty but harmless sting, which was the objective
And it was only when I moved away from the South (College,Work) that I heard about the "panties up or down debate" and realised how very strictly we daughters had been raised.
So yes, today, variety is best for attitude adjusters Veronica. Ha-ha.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx