Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wishing for an early spring!

Now that the days are once again longer and the mild winter we are having I can only hope that spring will be here soon. There is much I want to do out in the garden and how I miss getting my backside spanked outside. Lets all hope and pray for an early spring. XoXo


Aunty Andrea said...

Spring and early autumn are just ideal for heating up bottoms on the deck as you've done so provocatively here.

Njspank said...

And would still love to be your neighbor!!



Anonymous said...

yes lets Veronica and spanks in your garden ,love and spanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Love the outdoors, the Stetson, the good old-fashioned daddy giving naughty daughters traditional Southern discipline ! And on tender, bare -skinned botties too !... No protective coverings required young lady. Oucheeeees. That's how my papa raised me. And how my girlfriends' papas raised them too. Oh those stern 1960s and 70s boohoo. Brenda x