Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"The Battle Of Wills"

It was around 11pm one Saturday night and I was waiting for my girlfriends to pick me up so we can go to a bachelorette party. I put on my new dress and since it was so sheer my panty line was visible. Under these circumstances I would wear a g-string underneath but I had none that were clean so the only thing for me to do was go commando. As I lie on the bed waiting for my friends to arrive I can hear Tony behind me. I asked him to please put on my shoes, I like it when he puts my shoes on my feet. While putting on my shoes it is then that he discovers I'm not wearing any panties. He does a lot of yelling but I'm very adamant about going commando, not that I want to be a slut but I love this dress and panty lines would be fashion suicide. Of course Tony was having none of it and he spanked me with his hard rubber sole slipper. The spanking hurt like hell but I was not going to wear panties with this dress nor will I change out of it! Five minutes into my spanking the doorbell rang, it's the girls. Tony lets me up and tells me to let them inside then afterwards he wants me to change or put on panties before going out with them. As soon as my friends came into the house one had pointed out that my mascara was running and asked if I've been crying? I said no and told them that my seasonal allergies are acting up. I went back into the bedroom to fix my make up and Tony was still there lecturing me but this has become a battle of wills and I was not about to give in!!! We continued to argue for several more minutes until I found myself back over his knee. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! echoed in the house and I just know the girls can hear everything but still I did not give in. My will is stronger than his or so I thought because he was not giving up and just kept on whacking my bare bottom like a madman. After quite some time I could not take the pain on my bottom and told him I would change my dress and wear panties. This was one of the hardest spankings I have ever received and my bottom is not as strong as my will.

"I will not be changing out of my dress!!!"

My bottom is a lot weaker then my will. XoXoXo


RobertOTK said...

Lovely as always Veronica.....

Njspank said...

So well deserved spanking from your man. Wow, you are beautiful.


ps: I would have made you put on panties for a second round!

Anonymous said...

well naughty young girls who dont wear their panties need big spanks ,love andspanks,timxx