Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cheerleader SPANKED by Dad!

After refusing to obey her father, Veronica a senior and cheer captain was turned over her father's knee and paddled. Inside cheerleading magazine took the photo and published it without the fathers permission but no legal action will be taken. The paddle used for the spanking belongs to the board of education and it is not illegal to paddle in the state of Texas. When we interviewed the father he said "she (his daughter) used some explicit words to describe a fellow team mate so I asked the principal for his paddle and took care of business the old-fashioned way!" When asked about the magazine taking the photo he said, "it's wrong for them to publish the photo without asking but then again it will show others that good old-fashioned discipline is not dead."


Aunty Andrea said...

The magazine and the cover both need to be real.

Njspank said...

Agree Aunty.

Love the outfit and as always love the way you almost cuddle on his lap with your arms.


Anonymous said...

So factually correct Veronica !....as you always are !
Oh my, yes Veronica...we cutey-polite, well-mannered, conservative, lil' Southern girls sure did cheer leading... and sure gotten our bare bottoms spanked over our father's knee in the 1960s !! Just a normal fact of growing up, and a good Ol' fashioned American home-making tradition Veronica. As you well know yourself. Especially in our neighbourhood in Georgia !
Nostalgic Brenda xx